Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Newest Vintage finds

 I went to our local antique extravaganza looking for a metal glider.  I did not find one so I settled for this chippy bouncy chair.  It's very fun to rock in so I think I like it better than a glider.
 I have been on a mission to find real feed sack fabric at a reasonable price so I can repurpose it into bags and pillows and not have to charge an arm and a leg.  I found these 2.  I really like the colors.
 As usual I found more really pretty fabrics to work with.
 Not everyone likes my pastel pallet so I decided to look for browns and blues.  I discovered that it is hard to find brown quilts because the color brown was hard to find and when they did get brown the fabrics tended to not hold up.  I found this cool crazy quilt.  Can't wait to start cutting on it.
 3 aprons .50 each.  Loved the reuse of the old fabrics here.  I'll also cut these up for something ;)
 I couldn't leave without something for me!  More red kitchen items to add to my displays.  I was so pleased to find the enamelware coffee pot!  My husband...not so much.  Who decorates the stove?
 Doesn't the spice box and old jar add a great touch to the display I already had going on here?
 We have a local dairy farm turned in to a mega family fun spot just outside of Yellow Springs, Ohio.  Young's Dairy.  My girls came home to visit and Liz brought a friend from Chicago so we spent the day in our favorite town of Yellow Springs and went to Young's for ice cream.  I decided to take a few photos of the animals. (My girls included!)

We took a walk down our lane to see the river and here are the girls and Cooper.
We had a lot of fun that day.
I love it when Liz and Miranda come home to visit, it's just so hard to fit everything into just a few days.

It's been really crazy in my life right now and we still have issues with our internet.  I started this blog once before but in the middle of uploading the images we lost contact with the server.  So frustrating!
I am working on a project related to something in this post so hopefully next week I'll be finished and can have photos to share!
I think it will be something you'll really like.
Have a great Weekend.

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  1. I use to always have an old tea kettle on my stove In the winter I would use it but for the most part it was ornamental . Love the fabrics - I haven't found much lately at yd sales. If I see any darker colors I will let you know. I like the chair!