Monday, November 28, 2011


Have you ever just listened to people around you in a public place?

Since I have to find free WiFi for the time being I have to keep visiting places to sit (hopefully quietly) and look at Pinterest, my Esty, Facebook and then here my blog friends.

Well in my little town there is no place peaceful. McDonalds just doesn't get it.

Today I am at Barnes and Noble. The people in the Cafe are talking quietly but I have heard so many interesting conversations.

Two men in front of me- In what I thought were military uniforms, speaking what sounds like French?

Maybe they are pilots.

We do have both an airport and a military base in Dayton.

Just odd to hear another language except Mexican here.

We won't go there will we.

An older couple beside me-She says to her husband after they finish their coffee, "So what do you want to do now?" They were so cute I had to speak to them. I said "The only thing to do on a rainy day is shop or nap." He said he wanted to nap. She wanted to shop. LOL. I told her she had 1 hour to buy something bright and fun then they had to go home for a nap!

I love talking to complete strangers.

A couple of women beside me- "Suzie turned out well, but...."

I stopped listening, don't want to hear gossip.

I just looked over at the coffee counter an a woman has at least 12 books in her arms. I hope she puts them all back when she is done looking at them. I HATE it when people bring magazines into the cafe area and then just leave them for the workers.

"Isn't that what they are paid for?"

No! They are paid to make coffee not clean up after you!

Sorry, I just had to get on my soap box for a minute.

Well I am really going to make an effort to post 1 time a week throughout December. Things are getting into a rhythm now and I can make time to think a bit these days.

I am really hoping we can afford to get the Internet thing to plug into the laptop soon. I miss keeping up here daily.

Have a great week and pay attention to people around you, they can be lots of fun!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Finished Retro Farmhouse Kitchen

Here are some images of my finished 30's kitchen!

It has taken me a bit to get this room done and (clean enough) to get a photo shoot done.

With my new job and still unpacking and decorating the other rooms in the house, I have not had time to finish making my cafe curtains and pulling all the little extras together.

Yesterday I decided it was the day for the shoot.

I just loved putting this look together to compliment my Grandmothers old sink and metal cabinets. You can go back a few blog entries to see what we started with.

Stacking table linens has been fun. I had a few red items that I had purchased to make stuff from for my Etsy shop. Who knew that I would need them myself. I did have a bit of trouble finding a green and red table cloth that I wanted for this room redo. Most 30's and 40's red linens were combined with either a turquoise green or blue. I wanted to match the green I had chosen for the walls that matched the vintage kitchen utensils I had. I finally found the cute little cloth with the plates and coffee pot at an antique show.

I love the white bead board. It really made the room brighter and tied in with the built in cupboard beside the stove.
See those glasses in the drainer? Those were my Grandma's! They were the perfect color.
I am a collector of bowls and I am happy they fit in with the decor.

The knife holder was in the old wash house. I could not believe it was in the colors I had picked.

The post holders were to go on pillows but they will remain mine now. Aren't they so cute. I have such an appreciation for the work these ladies put into making these cute potholders.

So, here is really where we put what we already had to good use. I needed a table of some sort to hold the microwave. I just missed purchasing a really great porcelain top white cabinet at the antique show I was at by 10 minutes. I didn't get it when I first saw it and when I went back a man was writing a check for it. We had this sofa table but it really didn't fit in either of the living rooms so here it is in the kitchen and really, it is perfect. Shelves to hold all the extra stuff.

The little wooden shelf was in the house.

The linens I had to craft with.

The cafe curtains started out as 1 single panel that came in a box lot that I was going to cut up for the pillows I make. When I came across it and it was the perfect size to be cut in half, it became my inspiration piece for this room. I cheated and only had to put the top rod pocket on one panel and hem the other.

I picked up the vegetable holder at a garage sale along with the paper towel holder in the bottom shot. The clock is from Target. Perfect retro style.

I really like having a smaller kitchen. I have a lot less walking and less counter top to clean. With just the 2 of us now it is perfect.

I'm working on my living room now so I hope to have regular images of it before I start decorating for Christmas.