Thursday, March 31, 2011

1st Estate Sale of the Year!

Look at what I got today!
I can not tell you how bad I have been needing to go to a sale. Watching American Pickers each week, reading all the bloggers who live in warm climates who have sales year around. It has been killing me.

Well all I can say is I hit the jack pot today.
I can't wait to make something from all these finds.
What do you think of the dresser? The details are very art decoish.
The color is almost perfect as is but I think it needs sprucing up. I was thinking of a color instead of the white look but since I will probably sell it I don't know what color to go with.
If I keep it it will need to be a bit more white than yellow.
What color would you go with?
Robins egg blue
Rusty pink
Look at these handles.
The beautiful patina.

They alone are worth what I paid for the chest.
I won't tell you how much I paid because you will have a heart attack.
Go ahead and guess if you would like and tell me what you would pay for it cleaned up.

I got more bottles to alter. I just added some to my Etsy shop.
More books to use. I love books so much I hate tearing them up. But I'm getting over it when I see what I make with them.
Awesome sheet music that is already distressed to unbelievable coolness!
Do you see the edges?
I almost died right there in their driveway.
See those 2 knobs. They were marked $3.00. Nope, not paying that.
Asked what she could do.

She put all this, the bird print, tintype frame and both knobs together for

yup a
These will be added to something soon.
I thought this silver bracelet was very interesting.

I really likes these small beads with the silver spacers. I don't like the larger sized beads at the base of the necklace so I think I'm going to remake it into a bracelet for myself.

I didn't take close ups of the cutter quilt or the dust ruffle but they are really nice. Already washed them and am ready to start sewing something with them.

So, I think I did real good for the first sale of the year. I got my fix and now I'm ready to get busy making stuff.

Do you want to know how much I spent total?

It's going to help you with your guesses on the dresser but lets just say I had enough left from $30.00 to get a mocha!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring is here! I saw a robin.

Spring is officially here but the temperatures aren't cooperating with us this next week, but I did see a robin and it was singing it's head off!

I have been very neglectful of my blog as of late because I have been unpacking, organizing and just being lazy.

The stress of the past months has caught up with me and I just couldn't sit down and come up with anything worth writing about. This isn't either but I thought my new image would be nice to look at. I can't wait until the trees are bursting with blooms again this year. Can you?


Since I don't have anything interesting right now

I'll pass on this give-away
but you really won't like it
and really don't need to stop over.
really you don't.

but if you must go here for a (boring) give-away

Happy Spring!