Friday, November 2, 2012

All Souls Day (better late than never) and a trip to Chicago

 I wanted to post this while I was on a bus going to visit my daughter in Chicago.  I had 5 hours to just play here on the web but to my dismay we did not have wifi connection that day.  My trip was to packed spending time with her so I didn't want to take time to post while there.
I saw on another of my blog friends post that today is All Souls Day so I'm late for the USA but you can still enjoy the decorations I did for my book club!

 I chose to use a Poe theme and use book print to decorate where I could.
 I put the Raven the typewriter and made the portrait a zombie.
 I saw cookies like these on Pinterest


not exactly like these,

theirs were much better
but for a first try I was very proud of myself.
These are most of my friends in my book club along with our guest author Katrina Kittle. She is kind of in the center in black at the end of the couch.
We read her book The Blessing of the Animals
very good book and we enjoyed her so much.  We invited her to join our book club! LOL

If you are a reader I hope you will check out her books.

Now for some images from my trip in Chicago!
I know you are dieing to see my vacation photos ;o
 This is the Lake on Tuesday.  We were on the bus on the way to the Art Museum when we saw this and I told Liz we had to get off and take photos!
 This was no easy task.
We were not close to the lake so we had to walk
to even get close
The walkway under the road was closed but we went anyway.
I didn't walk in the freezing wind for 20 minutes just to miss the opportunity to photograph the lake this angry.
 This is Liz walking in front of me along the beach area near downtown. 
I hate all the damage and devastation Sandy left but the creative person in me just had to capture these waves.
 We ate breakfast both mornings at a wonderful bakery called Lovely 11
Their mocha's were awesome and very pretty!

 I loved this pattern the mocha left.
 Tea bag Liz has hanging in her window. Loved these patterns also and the colors!
 The stairwell in her building

Beautiful plants all over the city! 

I was glad to have a couple of days just to hang out where she goes and meet many of the friends she has made over the last 4 years.  This wasn't a tourist trip and I got to see the real Chicago. 
I liked that better!