Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The new movie is here!

Public Enemies starts tomorrow! July 1st I know I'm old but I'm not dead. Don't know what it is, I never paid any attention to Johnny before the Pirates movies but Jack did something to me and now I just love Johnny Depp. My friend calls him "the freak" well that's ok coz I don't want to share him with her anyway. Well I'm not sure if the film will be good or not but it doesn't matter. I will live in my own fantasy for a bit over an hour and be taken away from today's troubles in to yesterdays. haha. I love films from days past so the costuming should be fun too. And my own neighboring town of Dayton will be featured since this is where Dillinger was caught.
My other all time favorite movie is Butch Cassidy and the Sun Dance Kid. Wow Robert Redford and Paul Newman. What a great pair of actors. Well I'm counting down the hours and hopefully I won't be disappointed. Oh yeah and I heard that Pirates 4 is in the works!! Maybe Jack will get the girl this time. Hope you enjoyed the eye candy!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Antique collecting my way

My guilty pleasure! If I could purchase every quilt that I love I would.

At a local antique show I decided to photograph the things I liked, since I can't buy them right now and really don't need anything else in my house. Taking photographs takes up less space and I don't have to dust this stuff!

I really enjoy booths where people organize their collectibles in groups. It makes it so much more appealing and tempting!

I don't like to cook but I enjoy pottery and the utensils add to the appeal.

This display of all the browns really caught my eye. The shapes and textures, repeated lines all make for an interesting view.

Color themes really catch a persons eye. Again, here are the repeated items and colors. Encourages purchasing more! Hence - collections!

Hope you enjoyed my day brousing and maybe you can find a nice show this weekend.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Baby Bunny and a Bad Cat!

I wanted to be like Beatrix Potter but I wanted happy stories.
But wait, her stories always had some drama! Well here is my latest.

Toby our oldest cat whom I loved at first sight when I saw him on my cousins farm was beautiful. I asked if I could keep him. Her kids were reluctant but knew he'd have a better chance at survival in town indoors than out there. (their cat's survive 2 years at the most.) So, I brought him home and enjoyed his company

Through the years he has brought me his (gifts) some pretty gruesome. This past week he has brought in 3 different aged baby bunnies. The first 2, old enough to survive and unhurt. I was able to let them go in the woods. But this time it made me mad! This one is too small and needs it's mother. I have tried to save several small bunnies throughout the years to no avail. Being someone who doesn't give up easily, my daughter and I took a trip to TSC to get some infant milk and a bottle.

We warmed some towels and put a warm water bottle in a box and off to the store!

Got the stuff, treated ourselves to ice cream on the way home for being such good Samaritans and back home to try to get the baby to eat.

First try nothing. Teeth locked shut. But warmed up the formula a bit more and he/she went to town!!!!

We are sitting here keeping it warm and giving it love before we go to bed tonight. I can only pray we do not find a stiff bunny when we wake. Here are some photos of this precious baby. Any gardeners out there just hang with us, I know they eat your stuff but life is life and I gotta try! Someday I'll tell you the story about when I took our dying pet rat to bed so it didn't have to die alone. Then I'll tell you the story of how I tried to put another pet rat to sleep coz the vet wanted $60.00 to do it! For a $5.00 rat. I don't think so. Well maybe I should have. Miranda is still scarred from the experience.

Gotta love it! If it lives I think we'll call it Thumper.
I won't mention Miranda's friend wants to name it Chicken. Kids!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Well it's June and we are still in the tornado season. Being from Xenia that is something you think about. We have had several evenings of isolated storms we have had to keep an eye on but today is just a gloomy rainy day. Yeah for my flowers and for me (I don't have to water!).

Just thought I share this image of a summer storm blowing through. Have a great day where ever you are!