Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mirror, Mirror...WHAT!

I thought I was OK with this age thing.

I try not to be shallow

accept how I look now that I am over 50

I'm not into impressing people


worrying about what they think


a woman does want to still FEEL beautiful.

what I saw each morning

Every morning when I put on my makeup I have to use a 5x mirror because I can't see to put on my eye makeup with out my glasses.

It's hard to put your makeup on under your glasses

hence the (Mirror).

I haven't been real good at cleaning said mirror.

Just yesterday I was looking and thinking,

My skin does look good.

real smooth

I like the wrinkle cream I've been using.


this morning I decided to clean this mirror


There is a Grand Canyon under my eye and beside my nose.

There are creators all over my face like someone poked me with a million pin pricks last night.

We won't even talk about the fine layer of fir that has taken over the skin on my face.

Thank God you can't see that in the photo!

When did that happen?

Maybe I'll go back to applying a bit of (spackling) foundation to fill in the pot holes

And I think I'll go out and throw some dirt in the air over the mirror so it can get a (soft focus) feel back to it.

I liked how I looked better when the glass was dirty.

Maybe then I'll look like the 1st photo, which is how I look in my imagination.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I've been crafting!

Just a few of the pillows I've been working on lately.

I have decided I need to just get over being in love with all the linens and quilts I have stashed away and just start cutting and sewing. This is what I came up with. I found out I like working on impulse.

Sometimes I tend to over think a project.

I pad cover

This past weekend my friend planned a "Craftynoon" get together.

We gathered at her house around 2:00 Sat and began to craft what ever we felt like working on. 3 of us lasted until midnight.

Here are a few of the things I just came up with.

Tote made from a vintage pillow case and tablecloth.

Tote from a feed sack, ticking and some new fabric for the liner.

I really like what I made on the spur of the moment. Now to just get more professional images so I can put them in my Etsy shop.
Maybe this weekend...

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Death and Life

Among the obvious death lying all about me in the fields there are signs of new life.
Corn stalks left behind with last falls harvest
Fields waiting for a new season

A mean looking cultivating machine

waiting to be put to work

A tractor who has been idle for to many months

Broken earth

being made ready for new life


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Scarry Mom faces get you pretty far

Last night this is what I saw in my rear view mirror as I pulled into a gas station to fill up.

My first thought was...

"I need to get out of his way so he can get to who ever his is pulling over."

Then I thought...

"Maybe he is pulling me over. I better pull up in a parking space instead at a pump."

Sure enough he was walking toward me. I opened the door with what I am sure was a very confused look.

He says. "Mam, (Mam- really, when did I get old?) I am pulling you over because your plates are expired. Can I see your registration please?"


OK, in 2 seconds several emotions ran through me.

1st-I can't believe Miranda didn't renew her license when she was home at Christmas like we told her to!!!!!!!

2nd-I have no idea where or if she has this stuff in the glove compartment like she should. What do I do if I can't find it.

3rd-God please I can't afford what this is going to cost me

and 4th- because I was headed to the laundry, the car was full of dirty clothes. I worried, this guy is going to think I'm a homeless person living in my car.

After a very angry, frustrated expression crosses my face, I reach for the glove compartment and begin to explain or actually start babbling...

"I have no idea, this is my daughters car. I am driving it because my car has been over heating and she is away at college." Then with a very stern, irritated look I said, "I can't believe my daughter didn't get the plates renewd when we told her to!"

He says "You can just give me your license."

As he looks at my license he kinda chuckles.

I say as I look down embarrassed " Yeah, I worked for the Sheriff's dept. for 9 Months earlier this year."

He says, "Yeah, it's OK you are only getting a warning." He knew my name also because he is related to my husband's family . He pointed out who he was and went to check my stats. When he came back I thanked him and asked how we would get the license renewed if my daughter is out of state. He was very kind and gave me instructions.

I'm not sure if it is because of who I was


because of the Very Angry Mom face that convinced him I wasn't lying.

I am just grateful he had mercy on me. I have been driving this car for the past month and had no idea the license was expired. I had my husband call the daughter when I got home to get the ball rolling. She told him she would call me the next day when I cooled down. Lol, I must really be scarry.