Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Beginnings

This week I have revisited our scare from Sept. 22 when my husband had his open heart surgery. Another blogger that I follow ( ) had a similar situation happen this week. As I have been thinking and praying for her family it has brought me back to the renewed sense of commitment I have to my family and especially to my husband.
I recently found a key at a craft show I was in that had a V in it. I just had to have it since my husbands name starts with a V. I had already purchased the silver heart, planning on adding it to a necklace sometime. While perusing Etsy, I found this cool soldered slider from It says Embrace The Moment, with a pretty image on the other side.

This is my new way of living. Living in the NOW! I have found it to be less stressful and I am open to what is happening around me more, because I am not focused on what I am doing (in the future).

I Love my husband! So now I am reminded of the blessing of the New Beginning I was given when I wear this necklace. It makes me happy :)

I found this pillow while out Christmas shopping and had to add it to my collection also.

It is sad that it takes things like a health scare or financial pressure for us to realize just what is really important in life. I encourage you to hug your kids and spouse tonight!

Embrace the Moment!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Prayers Please

I decided to take today to just spend time reading and then spending time here visiting my favorite blogs. I went to Teresa Sheeley's blog and had a flash back to my life on September 22 this year. We have really had a wake up call this last year with my husbands open heart surgery being the topper.

We have watched our businesses dwindle with the economy, the bills mount up and no answers in site. Then we add a health care bill on my part for an unnecessary test and then my husbands heart surgery. Sometimes I feel I want to give up but most days I feel God's peace that I have never in my life felt. I am so thankful for what we have been through and for the Joy, Peace and Love I feel now for so much in my life. I live simply, one day at a time, listening to what God has for me each day. I see the beauty in small places and simple things and in all of his people. He has opened my eyes beyond the mundane churchiness I was living in. I feel richer than anyone who has millions of dollars and I am grateful for such a wonderful family He has blessed me with.

I would like everyone to pray for Teresa's husband Dave and the family and their finances. They don't have insurance. Check out her blog & Etsy shop.

Maybe buy something? Most of all pray for God's strength and peace for all of them.


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Vacum a Christmas Tree?

This holiday season has been long and busy for me at work since I had to let my office manager go. I have not had time for decorating and wasn't much in the mood for it. My youngest daughter (the chief) wanted to have a Christmas/Birthday party for her friends. (Her birthday is Dec. 27Th) So as usual I waited till the last minute to finally get the decorations out.

I have a large Santa collection that I have not gotten out for the last 3 years so I decided I missed them so I started with them. I finished everything but getting the tree out. 2 days later my daughter and I go to the closet to pull out the box with the tree. The box had popped open sometime during the last year.

As we were carrying (dragging) the tree to the living room, I noticed some pink stuff on a branch.
Huh, that insulation? ugh, mice? I pull it out and lay the tree on the floor. As we were preparing to put the bottom in the stand, Coooper had his coonhound nose buried in this one spot on the tree.

ewe.. LOTS of pink insulation! Then LOTS of baby mouse poo fell to the floor.
I should have called Mike Rowe, he loves poo!

Anyway, I got out the sweeper and began to suck out all the STUFF in that part of the tree. What a mess I had! Thank God the mouse family had moved on! All I could think of then was, I hope they didn't chew through the light cords.

I must tell you,I love live trees but this tree is special. It is the perfect size, is prelit and has microfiber lights also. I have never seen another one like it since I bought it. Up until 8ish years ago we always had a fresh, from North Carolina, Frasier fur. (My all time fave!) but when I saw this lovely tree I knew I had to have it for my nice living room decorated in girly pinks and white! We would continue to get the live tree for the family room.

Sorry I digress...anyway while holding my breath I plug in the lights and...

They were OK!!!!!!!!!!!

As you can see I have a lovely (clean) Christmas Tree this year! It did take me till the day of my daughters party to put the ornaments on though. I thought about just telling the kids I like my tree's natural. Then my daughter pointed out "It's a FAKE tree". That really hurt my tree's feelings. It is a Special tree not fake! Another friend suggested I hand each guest an ornament and let them decorate it. Uh, I don't think so. This is my tree with beautiful glass ornaments and it has to be done right. To controlling? Oh well, I guess that is why I put it off because once I started, it becomes like a work of art for me to place each ornament in just the right place. I really do enjoy doing this but like all creative endeavours I need to be in the mood.

I have a few favorite decorations I want to share with you also. A couple of my old Santa's and a newer snowman.
Have A Merry Christmas everyone!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Beautiful Winter

This morning I took Cooper for his walk. I took my camera and got so wrapped up in what I was seeing that he got tired and went home without me! I have always thought Winter was ugly without snow but today I found so much beauty all around me. I want to share some of my images in a slide show and then I'll post more soon!

Enjoy, and have a great week.

Remember to look for the beauty...sometimes you have to look close.