Sunday, December 27, 2009

Prayers Please

I decided to take today to just spend time reading and then spending time here visiting my favorite blogs. I went to Teresa Sheeley's blog and had a flash back to my life on September 22 this year. We have really had a wake up call this last year with my husbands open heart surgery being the topper.

We have watched our businesses dwindle with the economy, the bills mount up and no answers in site. Then we add a health care bill on my part for an unnecessary test and then my husbands heart surgery. Sometimes I feel I want to give up but most days I feel God's peace that I have never in my life felt. I am so thankful for what we have been through and for the Joy, Peace and Love I feel now for so much in my life. I live simply, one day at a time, listening to what God has for me each day. I see the beauty in small places and simple things and in all of his people. He has opened my eyes beyond the mundane churchiness I was living in. I feel richer than anyone who has millions of dollars and I am grateful for such a wonderful family He has blessed me with.

I would like everyone to pray for Teresa's husband Dave and the family and their finances. They don't have insurance. Check out her blog & Etsy shop.

Maybe buy something? Most of all pray for God's strength and peace for all of them.



  1. I had a personal setback in October, but am grateful for my health and secure employment. I needed to be reminded of what I have. Hopefully, things will turn around for your business. I will be checking Teresa's blog.

  2. I am sure this swirled up a lot of memories for you. I am so glad the outcome was good. It is so amazing what they can do now. My mother has a pacemaker. Almost two thirds of her heart muscle is dead - the pace maker keeps everything working. It has been 11 years now. 10 more than the doctor thought at the time. I am hoping your friend's husband has a successful operation and recovery!