Sunday, April 25, 2010

My First Prom with a Daughter

Saturday was my 1st prom experience with a daughter.
My oldest daughter didn't get into the High School social scene and even though she had a boyfriend, they decided they did not want to waste the money on a pointless evening.
That was ok with me, saved me lots of $'s
My Youngest is very much into the High School scene. She was going to her Junior prom with or without a date!
Her big sister's fashion project at fashion design school was a draping class. We decided to have her design the youngest dress for her project. How cool to have a custom designed dress made by your fashion student sister.
Great Idea! youngest is, lets just say, a bit "picky". I began to worry that if my oldest came home on break 2 days before prom and THE dress wasn't what she had hoped, Well, it just would not have been pretty.
On our way, to just go look at styles that we could tell her sister to copy. I began to think about this potential problem.
I decided to put some cash in my pocket and if she found a dress that was perfect and with in the budget, we would get it. I did not tell her this. I just wanted to have fun trying on all kinds of dresses.
We started at a local bridal shop and she found 2 crazy red carpet type dresses.
She said "I just want to see what I look like in these."
I need to interject here
my girls have listened to me for years say, "I WILL NOT spend a lot of money on a wedding gown that you will only wear for one day. I work this industry and it is all hype. I know what is reasonable and I have a budget and we are sticking to it!"
So, back to the dress shop, and the 1 dress dress that fits of the 2 size 0's.
She walks out
My heart stops
I gasp, OMG!
the sales lady tells her to step up on the podium
that was it, I was undone!
She is B E A U T I F U L
Did I mention we have no intention of purchasing these dresses. They are just for fun. They are 100.00 over what I had in my pocket (just in case).
We agreed it was way cool but we needed to look for other ideas for her sister.
We went on to the mall.
She tried on other typical prom dresses and then she finds another one to try "just for fun" and she loves it. She stands there looking at herself for 10 minutes in this dress with matching jewelry. She loves it, I love it
But this whole ensemble totals $500.00.
We leave the pretty dress behind and with ideas for big sis, we leave the mall.
In the car the fears come back. I tell younger daughter, "If you still like dress #1 we will go back try it on again and if she wants I will just buy it.
She is excited! She tries it on again...She is so Beautiful!

I can't believe I caved in and spent more than I wanted.
I can't believe I did the mom thing,
Oh You are so beautiful, It's only money and it's your special night.
What will I do when it's a wedding dress?
I better start saving now!
The couple
She had a great evening,
everything went well and
she came home this morning at 7am safe and sound!
This was so much fun!
The End

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Flower Power Fun

I am very fortunate to live near one of the most artsy towns in America. It is called Yellow Springs. Many people from near by towns call it the "hippy town". My girls and I like it because everyone has their style and it is a fun, friendly, arty community.
Some ladies started a group to help beautify the streets with felt flowers. There were already poles decorated with knitting and other various things but they decided to add lots of pretty felt flowers too!
Here are the ladies (and 2 little boys) making their flowers. They meet every Friday morning at Brother Bear Cafe. The two small flowers in the center of the bottom photo are the ones the little guys made! The grey and pink flower was one of my 1st flowers I made.

I just saw a post on my Facebook and decided to join them. These ladies have been so much fun! My oldest daughter is in from Chicago this week so she joined me too! She enjoyed the conversation that went on among the women. My favorite comment was made by Corrine. She said she was ok with her "Fatattude"! I love hanging out with artist, we are so much fun!
Check out their blog for other fun projects.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Book giveaway!

I really hesitate to pass this along because I want to win! But here is your chance to enter to win this book.

Who doesn't like to win something, espically a book?

Check out her blog, she has lots of fun blogs she follows also! Happy Sunday.

BTW- this week is National Library week! Check Out a book!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Opinions needed please

My Newest Cache of Books!
I took some of my older books to my local secondhand book store and traded for these!
Got to love trading in the books you are not fond enough of to keep on your bookshelf.
Just wondering if anyone has read any of the above books and has an opinion to share.
Not sure which one to start first. I usually see if one calls out to me or depending on my mood I will obviously pick by subject matter. Most of these are serious I think. I was in a serious mood the day I went shopping.
Do any of you do that? Buy books according to your mood?
I am also very guilty of buying because of the cover photo and title. I know I'm not suppose to do that but we all do it. That is why many books come out with different covers. It's all amazing, the physiology of selling and buying.
Maybe I should get a book about that...
Well If you haven't read any of these maybe you might want to add them to your "to read" list.
Have a great weekend!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

I pray the knowledge of Jesus Resurrection brings you peace, today and through out the coming days.