Saturday, April 10, 2010

Opinions needed please

My Newest Cache of Books!
I took some of my older books to my local secondhand book store and traded for these!
Got to love trading in the books you are not fond enough of to keep on your bookshelf.
Just wondering if anyone has read any of the above books and has an opinion to share.
Not sure which one to start first. I usually see if one calls out to me or depending on my mood I will obviously pick by subject matter. Most of these are serious I think. I was in a serious mood the day I went shopping.
Do any of you do that? Buy books according to your mood?
I am also very guilty of buying because of the cover photo and title. I know I'm not suppose to do that but we all do it. That is why many books come out with different covers. It's all amazing, the physiology of selling and buying.
Maybe I should get a book about that...
Well If you haven't read any of these maybe you might want to add them to your "to read" list.
Have a great weekend!


  1. I haven't read any of those...but I have read a couple by Chris B....the author of the book on the bottom. He's a great writer. Good characters.

    I pick books by their cover. And by the shape. I like the larger paperbacks...because they're easier to handle. Looks to me like you picked some good reads.

    Now get busy!

  2. I haven't read any of them either A Reliable Wife is interesting to me And yes sometimes the cover draws me in Usually its the inside cover that seals it

  3. Oh, dear -- I have a bit of a rather large stack myself -- I don't know these, but you have some good authors!

    I have a few faves I always pick -- authors I like. Then I get lots of books as gifts and who knows what I'll stumble on at the store when I'm there to pick up my book club selection for that month! I need some beach time to even THINK about catching up!

  4. I do the same thing pick up the book with the interesting cover and then read the synopsis, then choose. I haven't read any of these and isn't that the beauty of reading there is sooooo much out there. Enjoy the many hours it will take you to get through these.

  5. Looks like we have similar taste in books. Do you do GoodReads? I love it and I bet you would, too. You can get there from my blog if you want to check it out. I read A Reliable Wife and loved it. However, if I had known how much it was about sex I probably wouldn't have read it. For me, The Bell Jar was a one time read only. Too depressing. Happy reading.