Saturday, February 6, 2010

After The Storm

After our snow storm last night our trees are covered with a layer of freezing sleet then a couple of inches of snow. Of course I had to take some images to share.

As I walked into the woods the sounds began to change.
A few months ago I went to see The Road. I was immediately reminded of the sounds in that movie. A low, deep, unending roar. Then the trees began to creak and moan under the weight of the snow.

It was so eerie, I felt the desolation I felt during that movie. I really had to keep my mind on how beautiful the contrast of the snow in the trees was. Everything was so strange because there was no color. Everything was black and white.

It was truly amazing.
As I walked home, I came into a thicket and life came alive again.
Several sparrows and 2 red birds were playing among the tightly woven branches of the bushes and trees.
To hear their song was a welcome sound!
Ah, back to the living!

Isn't the contrast and textures of the snow and branches interesting?
Hope you enjoyed the photos, especially if you live where you don't get snow.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Images of Frost

I am playing with the idea of adding some quotes with my images on my etsy shop. Wanted to put something fun on here. Hope you enjoy it. I'll be sharing some good quotes with you for the next few post. These embellishments are from Sunshine Studio Scraps. artist - craft-tastrophic