Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Woman In White a book review

A masterpiece!

 This was a book I have had on my “to read” list since seeing it referred to in The Thirteenth Tale. I have been sprinkling in a classic here and there throughout my reading for a few years now. I picked it up as an audio book to listen to while sewing. I am so glad I chose this method as the various narrators gave the story life. Also at over 600 pages I would have put it off, choosing to get more books on my list read first. That would have been a big mistake! As I listened to this book I found myself questioning whether this was really written in the late 1800’s as I had thought. The writing was very contemporary and very easy to listen to. The plot in the beginning was simple enough and after a bit I thought editors today would have suggested cutting a lot out but then a new twist would be introduced and the story would grow more interesting. Mr. Collins did a superb job developing his characters and the story continued to unfold in a suspenseful way that keeps you wanting more. I actually sewed much longer than normal so I could continue to hear the story! This is a must read! A great book for discussion and a wonderful example of classic writing.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

My 1st trip on the 127 Worlds Longest Yard Sale. I am tired and broke!

So, I'm not sure what is going on with blogger but I can not figure out how to get my text to be where I want it so my post will be strange.  Sorry about that.

I got home today from my 1st trip to the Rt. 127 Yard Sale. My Sister and I left Thursday Morning and joined the sales in Florence, KY.  Unfortunitaly I was on a budget this trip so I was very picky about what I purchased.  We found some great stuff right off the bat!  I was mainly looking for vintage linens that I could use for the new bags I am making. Also fabrics I could use for my re~purposed pillows. Many of the set ups were large flea market's with 100 or more vendor's set up. These tended to be higher priced because the sellers were regular dealers and paid a fee for their spaces but I was lucky enough to find a few dealers who had some items they were willing to let go at reasonable prices that allows me to not have to charge so much for my products. These stops make it easier because you don't have to get in and out of the car so much. A bit farther down the road we went off 127 to a home that had some great deals and they were very nice to work with. Next was a small town with lots of individuals set up in parking lots of businesses. We stumbled upon a family selling their Grandmother's estate items. This was where I spent what I had left! We had not even gone 30 miles yet. We had made many stops and did not get far our first day. On Friday we started out from Frankfort,KY. We were going to try the smaller personal sales more this day but the pull to try to get as much done in one stop and having stoped at a few small sites that were disappointing we ended up at stops with at least 10 vendors. Again, we found more good buys and I had to start a tab with my sister. She is such a good to me! Anyway, she really wanted to get to Tennessee so we got more selective and stopped going to the large sales. Much of the offerings in the large sales began to be all the same. We crossed the border and the dynamic quickly changed. In the mountain area there were not so many wide spaces for the larger sales, where we got to anyway. By 4:00 we knew we needed to call it a day because we needed to be home that night. So, we were deeper into TN than we thought and we decided to take a small route east to Knoxville so we could catch I75 and get home faster. The small rural road was very curvy and slow but beautiful! It took us 7 hours to drive home from Knoxville. We got to my sisters at midnight so I stayed with her and came on home Sat. around 1:00 after sleeping in! I saw many garage sales on my way home and my 1st thought was do I stop? And my 2nd thought was Oh, No Way!LOL I have added some images of a few of my finds but there is more! I left these at my Sisters for her to soak and wash to work on the stains. I'll post them later this week.

I am so excited to get started on my new creations!