Saturday, July 24, 2010

Pain is not for whimps!

Oh to be able to sit like this and relax.
Instead, I have to lay flat or stand.
I now understand why a beloved pet can snap at us when in pain. I have a very bad disposition at this moment and I just want to gnaw my legs off!
I have had a painful week and have not felt like updating. Plus, it is difficult to type in a horizontal position. I am on the mend and hope for a better week after a rest in bed today and Sunday.
So for today I'll just wish Alphonse Mucha a Happy Birthday and share some of his wonderful art work he graced us with.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hello! Is Anybody Home?

Where has she been? You are all wondering.
Well, at least I hope someone out there has been wondering about me.
No, I did not get stuck in Wonderland but I got lost in craft land.
Look at this mess! My dinning room exploded. Well, it didn't explode but my craft supplies did.
I had a big show to participate in with my local Etsy, Handmade Dayton team.
We participated in the Springfield Antique Extravaganza, in Ohio.
I have been spending every waking minute when not working in my portrait studio, making things. Here are a few of those items.
I really hated this book so I decided to give it a useful life. No one else would want to read it. Great for holding notes, bills, photos.

New selection of my Bitty Sentiments.

Some pendants I decided to venture into. They were fun to make!

Then there are my lovelies!
I spent the entire 4th weekend sewing these pillows and bags made from a cutter quilt I have been hanging on to for 2 years. I went to JoAnn Fabrics to find fabric for the backs and ruffles expecting to choose old fashioned prints, but these retro prints just kept calling to me. Don't you think they look great?

Then I made the decision to use my Mom's vintage buttons. Why should I horde her buttons. She is not in the buttons. I decided to let other people enjoy them and give them a new life just like the old quilt.

I had so much fun playing with supplies I have been collecting for years.

Here are all the pillows I could get done before the show.

I decided I wanted to make a messenger bag. I just made this whole thing up. Used an old tablecloth to back it.

I made 2 different bags.

Cute little paper roses made from old books.
And here is the display at the show.

I wish I could say it was a smashing success but, we have not had as profitable a weekend as we all had hoped. We still have tomorrow but Sunday is traditionally slow at this show. I will be posting some of this in my Etsy shop and trying some in a local shop. I guess I better not quit my day job.