Friday, January 28, 2011

I have learned to like the snow

I used to dread the end of Fall. The bare trees seemed so ugly to me
after the beauty of all the glorious color.
As I look out my window
and see the frozen landscape, I now see the beauty there.

The over all color is a soft blue/grey.
The snow is white and the cloudy sky is white
but buildings and the trees have a soft grey tone.
To some it may be boring or ugly
but if you really look,
the monochromatic color scheme is actually lovely and peaceful.


Maybe it is my age but I have come to appreciate
the slower pace of Winter.
The quietness and stillness.
I use this time to slow down and rest.


The animals hibernate, the fields sleep.
All is at ease.
We too need to listen to the seasons
take some time to recharge.
Stop the rush and relax in the slowness of Winter.

Soon Spring will be here and we will begin
to feel the surge of new energy.
Then, we can be full of action.
But now, just...


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Up Date!

Well, as usual God is in control and He can be trusted.
As of last night we have a place to live! A wonderful friend who lives alone in a large house, offered her finished basement for us for free. She has been passing a sign posted at a church that says,

"God blesses people so they can be a blessing to others."

She has been asking God who she could bless. When I called her last night she said she knew we were the ones. I went to see how much room we would have and was stunned by the beauty of her property. Even buried under 5 inches if snow I can see what a wonderful place this will be. Cooper will have a large country yard to run in and I will have beautiful nature scenes to look out upon each day.
This is not the way I imagined the blessing to be but I have learned that it is important for us to learn to be the receivers, with grace and thankfulness, as well as being the givers.

My husband still needs prayer to be encouraged and patient. I know God has a job out there for him and we will continue to trust. Thank you all for your prayer support. I will post photos as soon as we get moved in at the end of the month!

Monday, January 10, 2011

We Need a Miracle

As most of you who follow me know I try really hard to be inspiring here on my blog but today I feel a desperate need to ask for prayer support. I have learned over the past 2 years how wonderful this blog world is and how much support you all give.
So, I am requesting prayer for a miracle.
We got the notice today we have to be out of our home Jan. 24th. I have a new part time job and could pay rent but nothing more. My husband has yet to find any kind of job. His confidence is very low which makes it hard to be optimistic when seeking employment.

So, I am asking prayer for:
1: We need up lifted. Strengthened. We trust that God is in control and has a plan. But we are running out of time. (Me beginning to worry and trying to hold on and not panic.)
2: I do not want to go on assistance so I pray he gets something, anything, anywhere so we can provide for ourselves. The miracle would be a job before Jan. 23rd.
3: A reasonable place to live that we can afford until we can turn things around.

This is a big world and I am going to just put this info out there. My husband is a self-employed sound and lighting technician. He designs and installs all kinds of sound and or lighting related systems. Lately his jobs have been large systems for airports. He is als one of the best sound mixers around. He has extensive concert and studio work experience. The other thing about my husband is that he can pick up any manual read it and then do it.
If anyone knows of any opportunities that he can apply for I would greatly appreciate it.

This is just so unlike me but nothing ventured nothing gained. I'm just putting my prayers out here in blogland and now I will leave it in Gods hands.
I really appreciate all of the prayers you have said for us already and the support I have received since I shared our problems earlier.
One more request, My brother-in-law is loosing his battle with cancer and will probably die this week. My sister and her girls could use some prayer support also. We are all ready but it is still hard.

Saturday, January 1, 2011


I just came across my written thoughts for my blog entry for my word for 2010. Having seen other bloggers choosing a word to represent their thoughts and hopes for the new year I figured I'd do the same.

A year has passed and it was very interesting to read what my thoughts were back then.
Did I remember my word?

No...I did not. LOL

Well, it was an interesting read. (smile)

Life is still up in the air for us and actually less settled in some areas than it was a year ago. The bank bought our house back so we will be moving in the next few months. We are still waiting for a job for my husband. (please, keep praying. I know God has something for him.)
I, on the other hand was able to get a part time job last week that I am enjoying. If we stay in the area I hope it will become full time.

As I revisited my thoughts and feelings I see that God has not forsaken us and has provided; food, clothing, and shelter but most of all a drawing closer as a family and stronger faith in God. We have seen what truly matters and that is our love for one another and those who God has put into our lives.
I guess I am going to take a leap this year and choose as my word for 2011 as...

This coming year, I feel, will be full of adventures.
We will have to move
I am closing my business after 26 years
I am starting a totally different job
I am pursuing new avenues to express myself artistically
Our youngest just turned 18, will graduate high school and leave for Miami Florida in the fall for College.
(That alone would be enough for some people.)
Our oldest will turn 21 in the summer and graduate from college.
(Praying she will be able to find a job that will allow her to live independently)

Instead of looking at all these changes in a negative, fearful light. I will continue last years outlook in hopeful anticipation, waiting to see what God has in store for us!

Sounds like a lot of fun!

Now to leave you with a bit of humor.
This is a startled tree on the golf course I walk Cooper on. I guess he just figured out he was the only naked tree there!
Is this not natures way. Giving us humor as well as beauty.
My challenge to you is to keep your eyes and heart open every moment of every day to see what God has for you. He has a since of humor too :)