Thursday, December 30, 2010

Book Review

Cocaine's Son: A Memoir by Dave Itzkoff
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Cocaine's Son
by David Itzkoff
Planned release date Feb. 2011

This review is coming from a daughter of an alcoholic, who also blamed him for the anxiety disorder and abandonment issues she has. I could relate with much of what David was trying to say here in his book "Cocaines's Son".
As a young person, I found it very painful that my father chose bars and buddies over attending dance recitals and school functions. The dread of wondering if the funny, easy going Dad or the angry, foul mouthed drunk Dad was going to come home each night. And on some nights I lay awake waiting to see if he would make it home safely if at all.

David's Dad is a hard man to like and live with high or sober. The beginning of the book starts out from a child's perspective, where as most kids, we want our parents to be our heroes. David's Dad falls sorely short. David has to endure many let downs and embarrassing moments by his father. Growing into a healthy, let alone loving, respectful relationship is more than likely not going to happen but nonetheless they try.
David does not have a lot of harrowing tales for us to wade through and his book does not leave you with dark depressed feelings. As you move through the book you mostly feel the disappointment and desire for a better relationship for them or for David to just give up already!

I am very pleased with which he chose to close out his memoir. It is very emotional and heart warming.
After going through a very difficult emotional time myself, at one time I felt that I'd rather be dead. Then realizing my children were not enough to keep me here was a startling revelation that helped me reconcile my feelings toward my father. I was able to understand the emotional pain he lived with and I was then able to forgive. Unfortunately, he had already died but I found peace and a different perspective in how to view my childhood.
This book is not a heavy downer. If you have experienced disappointments from a parent and not reconciled, you may benefit from this book.

Saturday, December 25, 2010


I received this as my daily devotional and thought it was well worth passing along.

After a long pregnancy that generated more questions than
congratulations; that nearly led to a marriage ending before it started; that included a painful and arduous journey; that culminated in her son being born in conditions fit for animals but not for humans, how did Mary respond? Luke tells us that she "treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart" (2:19).
In Bethlehem, among the animals, she found joy. She could have complained that God was doing nothing good for her, but instead she declared the "great things" God had done (Luke 1:49).
This is central to the Christmas story - and the joys and challenges of our modern holiday - remind us that gratitude changes everything. Whether there are gifts stacked to the ceiling with your name on them or your aren't sure anyone is going to give you anything, stop and give thanks to God, the Giver of all good and perfect gifts.

You'll receive a special blessing in your spirit and discover you have everything you need.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!
My girls and Cooper this morning.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

How NOT to test your dogs shock collar

So, Today I was planning on doing some over due cleaning.
Cooper had other ideas.
As I kept on doing my work, Cooper kept on whining. His whine is more like a whistle through his nose.
It's a dogs equivalent to your child saying Mom, mom, mom, mommy, hey mom, mom.
It can become really annoying. Like this morning.

Now, last night it snowed, the temperatures dropped and going outside wasn't high on my list, at least not until after I got my work done since a long walk in the cold makes me sleepy.
I kept working and he kept... whistling.
Who wants to clean house anyway
so, I called my walking friend and she was ready for the trek to the quarry.

The quarry in summer

Today it did not look like this.

Anyway, back to the walk prep. I had to put layers and layers on, find my headband to cover my ears and put on my cool orange boots that are great in water. We had lots of rain yesterday before the snow started so I knew we would have to walk through a lot of water.

During all of this, Cooper's excitement escalated! He knows my walking clothes. He proceeds to jump and bark and get all excited.
I hate this and just want to hurry up and get on the road so he will stop.

I have to explain here that we use the "Pet Safe" electronic pet containment system, which is a very nice system by the way. But early on, the actual shock freaked Cooper out to where he wouldn't leave the porch, so I turned off the shock part because just hearing the tone sent him running back with in the boundary. Well, over the past year he has figured out that the shock wasn't coming and has been wandering the neighborhood stealing other dogs bones. (Another story for another blog). I had to change the settings last week to put on the shock. I didn't want him getting hit by a car or going to dogie jail for theft.
I wanted to get the point across so I didn't start with whimpey 1 or 2
I went up to the next to last level #5!
I don't believe in wasting time teaching a lesson.

Well, in my hurry to stop the excitement my dog was experiencing I forgot to take off his shock collar....Woopsie!

As I began to back out of the driveway Cooper began to yelp very loudly and persistently. Over and over and over.
OMG!! I forgot the collar, I had on thick gloves so I couldn't get it undone.
He kept yelping, I started to panic.
I drove forward back into the boundary but it wouldn't stop!
Finally I got it off and out of the car, because even though it wasn't on his neck anymore the sound was freaking him out.
I got back in the car and he was trembling. I felt so bad. Did I traumatize my poor baby? Was he going to have a stroke?

Nah. After we pulled out on the road he began his excited whistle, whine of excitement about going to the quarry, which he loves.

Please don't turn me in to the dogie police. I love my dog and hate that this happened but I have to tell you I was laughing quite a lot as I retold the story to my husband when we got home and now I am sure the shock part is working.
Don't worry, we had a nice long relaxing nap on the couch when we got home.
He is a very pampered dog.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Simple, quiet Christmas

I'm really glad I read a post today. She shared how she has had difficult Christmas's and this year was another one. I have not really had a season like we are having right now and I really don't want to decorate for Christmas this year. I don't want to participate in the partying. We foreclosed on our house of 15 years and will have to be moving out. I am closing my photography business after 24 years and looking for a new job. My brother-in-law is dying of cancer and we just lost a friend of many years suddenly this past week. I do not have a bad attitude. I am grateful and hopeful but I just want to celebrate the fact that Christ was born and because of that I have hope. Gifts, decorating and parties just don't fit in this year. She helped me feel better that some years it is ok for it to be different, quiet.
I think we will just have a simple Christmas remembering what we are most grateful for which right now for me is the fact that our family has become stronger and closer through this and the 4 of us will be together. I am thankful my husband is still here after the scare we had last year,(Our friend was not so lucky, he leaves 3 children, 2 grown but his youngest is just a senior this year.) I am thankful that my girls are awesome young women I am so proud of and that we have a faith in a big God and that He has something good in store for us just around the corner!