Thursday, December 30, 2010

Book Review

Cocaine's Son: A Memoir by Dave Itzkoff
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Cocaine's Son
by David Itzkoff
Planned release date Feb. 2011

This review is coming from a daughter of an alcoholic, who also blamed him for the anxiety disorder and abandonment issues she has. I could relate with much of what David was trying to say here in his book "Cocaines's Son".
As a young person, I found it very painful that my father chose bars and buddies over attending dance recitals and school functions. The dread of wondering if the funny, easy going Dad or the angry, foul mouthed drunk Dad was going to come home each night. And on some nights I lay awake waiting to see if he would make it home safely if at all.

David's Dad is a hard man to like and live with high or sober. The beginning of the book starts out from a child's perspective, where as most kids, we want our parents to be our heroes. David's Dad falls sorely short. David has to endure many let downs and embarrassing moments by his father. Growing into a healthy, let alone loving, respectful relationship is more than likely not going to happen but nonetheless they try.
David does not have a lot of harrowing tales for us to wade through and his book does not leave you with dark depressed feelings. As you move through the book you mostly feel the disappointment and desire for a better relationship for them or for David to just give up already!

I am very pleased with which he chose to close out his memoir. It is very emotional and heart warming.
After going through a very difficult emotional time myself, at one time I felt that I'd rather be dead. Then realizing my children were not enough to keep me here was a startling revelation that helped me reconcile my feelings toward my father. I was able to understand the emotional pain he lived with and I was then able to forgive. Unfortunately, he had already died but I found peace and a different perspective in how to view my childhood.
This book is not a heavy downer. If you have experienced disappointments from a parent and not reconciled, you may benefit from this book.


  1. What an interesting book. I will have to check it out when it is published. It seems like we share another common thread. Both my parents had issues with alcohol, which made growing up an interesting adventure and not the typical 50/60's Beaver Cleaver home life.

  2. New Year Eve's greetings my friend! Sending you much love and wishes for a blessed year! I wanted to let you know what a JOY it is to know you here in blog world and share life with you! I am looking forward to another year together! Many blessings of love ~ me