Saturday, June 16, 2012

Vintage chippy door

 Here it is!
 Isn't it lovely? 
For now I am putting it in my garden that I have this year. 
Maybe I'll do something different next year.

 This is why I love it. 
See all the details in the wood work?  Now with age and pealing paint....
I have been such a bad blogger as of late. 
I have images of my latest vintage purchases and hope to show you next Tuesday.

Enjoy your Sunday!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I got my door!!!

I was driving past this house the other day and saw it leaning on the garage.  They had torn the house down last week and I wondered about the door.  The man said they were thinking of keeping it but he would let me know if I could have it.
It was just leaning there for almost a week.  He didn't call and I kept driving past everyday on the way to work thinking, someone is going to steal it. 

Sunday my husband and I were driving home from dinner when I got a call on my cell.  It was the neighbor of this house and a friend.  She said her husband went over to introduce himself to the new neighbor who is tearing down the house.  The man said " I have the door here waiting for your friend but I don't have her number."  My friend called right away. 

We just happened to have my husbands van so we went right over!
I had not told my husband about the door, haha.  So he had no idea what this was all about.

Husbands just don't get the need to rescue beautiful junk.

As we were loading up the (very heavy) probably 90+ year old door, the wife and I were discussing the joy of finding old, rusty, chippy stuff.  Our husbands just smiled and shook their heads.

The best news of all
The door was FREE!
The man did not charge me anything.  He never really said a price but I was afraid he was going to try to gouge me since he knew how much I loved that door.

So, next job is to find a really cool place for it.  I envision it to be a door to a secret garden.  The place I wanted to plant didn't get worked on so the real dream won't happen probably till next year but I'll start working on the garden.  For now it is sitting along the shed by some other plantings and an old chair and window, so I will enjoy it here this season.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Need a life change

I'm really just blogging this to myself but tonight I have once again come face to face with the fact that I feel a calling to help people who are mentally challenged through art but I have no idea how to start. 
1. I have no education in this area.
2. I am the main bread winner so I need an income.
3. I'm not sure how to set aside time I don't have to volunteer.
4. I feel I can't make a change.
5. I just have no idea where to start. I just know that when I am involved with children or people who have special needs I feel a need to help, to encourage and to inspire them.  I want to make a difference in someones life.
Just going to work doesn't fulfill me. I didn't realize how my photography really did give me satisfaction when people were happy with their images and how I made them feel.  Making them beautiful and happy really was my motivation.  I miss that.

My life situation has set me up for change but I am stuck in a mind set of  "I can't do that" because I have no experience or connections in these areas, I'm not qualified, I can't afford to take a risk, etc. I know I'm rambling but if anyone has suggestions as to how to make a leap like this I'd like help. I don't want to spend the rest of my life just working to pay bills.  I want to help others.  If I can't do it with money I need to do it myself.
Please pray God leads me to where He is calling me and I am able to see opportunity when it presents itself and not listen to the fears and doubts that will come.