Saturday, June 16, 2012

Vintage chippy door

 Here it is!
 Isn't it lovely? 
For now I am putting it in my garden that I have this year. 
Maybe I'll do something different next year.

 This is why I love it. 
See all the details in the wood work?  Now with age and pealing paint....
I have been such a bad blogger as of late. 
I have images of my latest vintage purchases and hope to show you next Tuesday.

Enjoy your Sunday!


  1. The door looks great! Have you thought abt hanging a wreath from it? maybe a basket of flowers? Oh the stories that door could tell....

  2. That old door is so stunning! I’m fond of vintage stuff and I must say that I was attracted to this old door very much. The peeling paint created an amazing effect to the look of the door. I wonder how old that door is.

    -Vernie Herr

    1. The door is over 100 years old! I was so afraid each day when I'd pass the old broken down house someone was going to have stolen it in the night.

  3. That must be a really old door you’ve got there. I agree that the cracks and peeling paint made it look eccentric. It kinda reflects your personality, doesn’t it? What are you planning to do with it though?

    Gabrielle Jeromy

    1. It is still in the garden and will probably stay outdoors. I have very old doors, windows and fireplaces on every wall in my house so there is no room for it inside. I have plans from Pinterest so I'm sure I will figure out something special for it. So glad you liked it too.