Monday, January 10, 2011

We Need a Miracle

As most of you who follow me know I try really hard to be inspiring here on my blog but today I feel a desperate need to ask for prayer support. I have learned over the past 2 years how wonderful this blog world is and how much support you all give.
So, I am requesting prayer for a miracle.
We got the notice today we have to be out of our home Jan. 24th. I have a new part time job and could pay rent but nothing more. My husband has yet to find any kind of job. His confidence is very low which makes it hard to be optimistic when seeking employment.

So, I am asking prayer for:
1: We need up lifted. Strengthened. We trust that God is in control and has a plan. But we are running out of time. (Me beginning to worry and trying to hold on and not panic.)
2: I do not want to go on assistance so I pray he gets something, anything, anywhere so we can provide for ourselves. The miracle would be a job before Jan. 23rd.
3: A reasonable place to live that we can afford until we can turn things around.

This is a big world and I am going to just put this info out there. My husband is a self-employed sound and lighting technician. He designs and installs all kinds of sound and or lighting related systems. Lately his jobs have been large systems for airports. He is als one of the best sound mixers around. He has extensive concert and studio work experience. The other thing about my husband is that he can pick up any manual read it and then do it.
If anyone knows of any opportunities that he can apply for I would greatly appreciate it.

This is just so unlike me but nothing ventured nothing gained. I'm just putting my prayers out here in blogland and now I will leave it in Gods hands.
I really appreciate all of the prayers you have said for us already and the support I have received since I shared our problems earlier.
One more request, My brother-in-law is loosing his battle with cancer and will probably die this week. My sister and her girls could use some prayer support also. We are all ready but it is still hard.


  1. Sherri, I am sending all my positive thoughts your way. Hugs to you as well....Jo

  2. Praying your needs are met.

    Take care, Kathy

  3. Oh! I am so sorry that you are wedged in between that rock and a hard place. I will be praying for you for sure. God is GOOD.

  4. I know so many people in your position, and the news keeps telling us things have turned around. There are no jobs to be found here in Orlando. Do not be afraid to go on assistance, just remember the big banks that got us in this position got assistance (Bail out), you deserve any help you can get. I understand how your hubby could get down, it is a tough situation. I am putting a prayer out there tonight for you and your sisters family, you have a lot on your plate. I hate that you are going through this Let us know how it is going.