Friday, January 28, 2011

I have learned to like the snow

I used to dread the end of Fall. The bare trees seemed so ugly to me
after the beauty of all the glorious color.
As I look out my window
and see the frozen landscape, I now see the beauty there.

The over all color is a soft blue/grey.
The snow is white and the cloudy sky is white
but buildings and the trees have a soft grey tone.
To some it may be boring or ugly
but if you really look,
the monochromatic color scheme is actually lovely and peaceful.


Maybe it is my age but I have come to appreciate
the slower pace of Winter.
The quietness and stillness.
I use this time to slow down and rest.


The animals hibernate, the fields sleep.
All is at ease.
We too need to listen to the seasons
take some time to recharge.
Stop the rush and relax in the slowness of Winter.

Soon Spring will be here and we will begin
to feel the surge of new energy.
Then, we can be full of action.
But now, just...



  1. Very nice. I love when the snow comes down and it quiet

  2. I love the snow. I am originally from Cleveland, Ohio and someday hope to call it home once again.


  3. After living in the desert for 17 years where ther is no change in the season really I so miss winters just like you say in your post I miss that quiet time to just rest.

  4. What a beautiful paean to winter, both in picture and words!

    I read your most recent posts and my thoughts and prayers are with you. With warm hugs,

  5. What a lovely post. Like you, I have long dreaded and disliked winter. Now that I carry a camera with me everywhere, I am finding the beauty of the season.
    Thanks for your visit and kind comment on my post. And your dream sounds like a wonderful one! I'm sure you'll make it come true.

  6. Thank you for visiting my blog. What a great photo of the snow. I do love it too ... I'm just a little done with all of the snow days for my kids at school!! As I write, we are getting another storm! Love your blog design.