Friday, February 4, 2011


Sorry no photos today. I am at my new job without my photos but I wanted to update you on what is happening.
We were suppose to have everything out of our house by Feb. 7th.
I had a sale scheduled for the 3-5th, but we had an ice storm.
That was very interesting and would make for a very long post but I will tell you we got stuck at our old house and had to sleep on the floor with no power.
I want to say I am strong enough to suffer for Christ in an circumstance like lots of martyrs but I'm sad to say I am way too weak.
I need soap, Kleenex's, Chapstick, and a shower!
Don't ask.
Just know we have our creature comforts we all can't live without and I am seeing I would really be unhappy as a homeless person.
I'm really trying to be humble and mold able but I have found I do have limits ;}
Still sorting out old keepsakes and photos and thinks of my girls.
Deciding what to keep and what to throw away.
It has been harder and more time consuming than I expected but It really feels good to unload so much of the unnecessary stuff in your life.
I hope to have high speed Internet in our new place next week and the work to all be done and I can be here more regularly.
Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. You have had more than your fair share of challenges the past few years. I for one am hoping that they are over for you and your family. Sending positive thoughts and wishes your way.....

  2. Hey there, Sherri,

    I've been thinking of you all week, wondering how you and your family are doing. That would be awful, staying overnight somewhere without electricity or heat, especially during a snow- or icestorm. But it was a smarter idea for you to do that instead of risking your life driving on the slippery roads.

    Getting rid of stuff is time consuming but you are absolutely right, it feels great to unload the unnecessary stuff in our lives. I hope your sale goes well and that you make extra $.

  3. Happy moving. I hope you get it all sorted soon.