Sunday, February 20, 2011

Misplaced thoughts about age.

As I enjoy a much needed quick trip to the beach in S.C. to visit my In-Laws. I am sitting on the balcony watching a young family walk along the sand. The small little girl is picking up shells and playing in the sand. The Mom is taking photos of her, capturing this childish play. They begin to walk again and I see an older gentleman, stooped and walking with a cane. He moves slowly along the beach. As their paths cross it makes me see how precious life is.
Each stage holds it's treasure.
When we are young it seems to hold newness,adventure and wonder. At life's end if we are lucky and observant, it will also hold newness, adventure and wonder.
At first I felt sorry for the older man, his halting steps and slow movement. Then I realized that maybe I am judging wrongly.
I began to see how wonderful it was that he was able to take a walk on the beach. His slow walk helped him have time to observe and wonder at what he was seeing. For him, this was his adventure on this beautiful morning.
I need to take note of this and remember not to always be in a hurry.
Walk slow and really see what is all about me with, anticipation of wonder and adventure!


  1. Oh how I miss Myrtle Beach. Or any beach for that matter. Beautiful Photos!

  2. Each stage is a treasure. And so are these wonderful images. Thank you for sharing both.