Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mirror, Mirror...WHAT!

I thought I was OK with this age thing.

I try not to be shallow

accept how I look now that I am over 50

I'm not into impressing people


worrying about what they think


a woman does want to still FEEL beautiful.

what I saw each morning

Every morning when I put on my makeup I have to use a 5x mirror because I can't see to put on my eye makeup with out my glasses.

It's hard to put your makeup on under your glasses

hence the (Mirror).

I haven't been real good at cleaning said mirror.

Just yesterday I was looking and thinking,

My skin does look good.

real smooth

I like the wrinkle cream I've been using.


this morning I decided to clean this mirror


There is a Grand Canyon under my eye and beside my nose.

There are creators all over my face like someone poked me with a million pin pricks last night.

We won't even talk about the fine layer of fir that has taken over the skin on my face.

Thank God you can't see that in the photo!

When did that happen?

Maybe I'll go back to applying a bit of (spackling) foundation to fill in the pot holes

And I think I'll go out and throw some dirt in the air over the mirror so it can get a (soft focus) feel back to it.

I liked how I looked better when the glass was dirty.

Maybe then I'll look like the 1st photo, which is how I look in my imagination.


  1. I'll also take a spelling class. Fur as in animal hide fur is what I was speaking of not an evergreen tree, although I look like I walked into one!

  2. I am not going to say, it's what's inside that's important! I walk with you in this age thing. I try to be ok with who I am, then I see myself in a mirror and I almost die! Youth is wasted on the young!

  3. I think we all have days like that. For me, it's the persistent grey hair or the fact that my hair dye never seems to last as long as expected. Sigh...

    When I saw your photo, the first thing I thought was that I like how you applied your eye makeup. :)

  4. Cracking me up what you see in the mirror. I see nothing by the way. I do not have a pattern for a bushel basket but I am looking for one. As soon as I find one I will let you know...Thank you for asking...smiles...Renee

  5. You look fine to me!! Although you did make me laugh! I'm also in the OBF club (Over bloody fifty). These very high definition cameras don't help matters, but we're gorgeous nether the less!

    Thanks also for your lovely Congratulation comment on my blog post...meant alot to me

    Gail xx

  6. good idea, i may try it also! LOL!