Thursday, March 31, 2011

1st Estate Sale of the Year!

Look at what I got today!
I can not tell you how bad I have been needing to go to a sale. Watching American Pickers each week, reading all the bloggers who live in warm climates who have sales year around. It has been killing me.

Well all I can say is I hit the jack pot today.
I can't wait to make something from all these finds.
What do you think of the dresser? The details are very art decoish.
The color is almost perfect as is but I think it needs sprucing up. I was thinking of a color instead of the white look but since I will probably sell it I don't know what color to go with.
If I keep it it will need to be a bit more white than yellow.
What color would you go with?
Robins egg blue
Rusty pink
Look at these handles.
The beautiful patina.

They alone are worth what I paid for the chest.
I won't tell you how much I paid because you will have a heart attack.
Go ahead and guess if you would like and tell me what you would pay for it cleaned up.

I got more bottles to alter. I just added some to my Etsy shop.
More books to use. I love books so much I hate tearing them up. But I'm getting over it when I see what I make with them.
Awesome sheet music that is already distressed to unbelievable coolness!
Do you see the edges?
I almost died right there in their driveway.
See those 2 knobs. They were marked $3.00. Nope, not paying that.
Asked what she could do.

She put all this, the bird print, tintype frame and both knobs together for

yup a
These will be added to something soon.
I thought this silver bracelet was very interesting.

I really likes these small beads with the silver spacers. I don't like the larger sized beads at the base of the necklace so I think I'm going to remake it into a bracelet for myself.

I didn't take close ups of the cutter quilt or the dust ruffle but they are really nice. Already washed them and am ready to start sewing something with them.

So, I think I did real good for the first sale of the year. I got my fix and now I'm ready to get busy making stuff.

Do you want to know how much I spent total?

It's going to help you with your guesses on the dresser but lets just say I had enough left from $30.00 to get a mocha!


  1. Would you really lucked in! I was lucky at GW outlet the other day but looking forward to yard sale season!

  2. Wow, wish I had beat you to the sale. I just sold a tin type frame in my booth that had a picture in it, but the hinges were broke for $45.00, so you had a good day!! I would just leave the dresser as is, I think it looks great, you could always paint it later if it does not sell, sometimes we make more work for ourselves than we need.


  3. oh yea im my mamas girl! i love spending nothing on amazing things!! you go woman! ill tell you my success story after i got thrifting tomorrow!

  4. I love it all! And it they look so good together, even. My favorite is the bird picture.

    I've been totally hooked on blogs for awhile now, thanks to you, and your latest photos are exactly the kind that catch my eye when I'm in blogland.

  5. How perfect! Your sweet words blessed me and now your fun inspiring finds i see here. Go have fun with those desires of your Heart Sherri!

  6. i love your treasures...especially the vintage jewelry! i love a good sale. hope to see you this weekend! enjoy!!

  7. FANTASTIC FINDS!! So glad you hit it big! What fun!!


  9. oh my goodness what a find absolutely gorgeous dresser and the sheet music and beads, and quilts oh my you scored big time have fun with all the new projects you have now