Thursday, April 21, 2011

Estate Sale Follow-Up

I have been very busy!

Remember the 1st Estate Sale? Well I went to a 2nd one the next day and scored a ton of stuff. Went to Columbus, Ohio with my Etsy artist friends and found some more treasures and the actually braved a very chilly, rainy Saturday to attend my first auction in many years and got 3 nice cake stands for $2.00! I lost to an eager bidder for a box with a cutter quilt and blanket I wanted to re-purpose but that is OK there will be more.

So, the reason I have been gone for a few weeks is because I have been crafting in my spare time getting ready for my craft shows coming up.
Here are a few things I made with the quilt hanging out of the dresser in the Estate sale post.
Cute vintage tea towel made into a pillow. Front is in the last photo with the other pillows.

These are going to be quilted flowers with vintage buttons in the center.

That quilt had the coolest backing I have ever seen. I used it to back the pillows and naturally the bunting has both sides so you can change it with your moods!
I am having so much fun but I have been also putting to much pressure on myself to get tons made I don't have time to blog or facebook my friends. I will be working hard this weekend to get more made that I will be adding to my Etsy shop.
These all went to my local coffee shop.
I hope some lovely Mom's receive these for Mothers Day gifts!

I could use some encouragement. What do you think of the re-purposed quilted items? I have a love for quilts but I'm not sure so many others do. Should I keep making things from quilts? Just thought I'd check before I spend the next month cutting up all these quilts I keep buying!


  1. I love the pillows they are adorable! You have been quite busy - don't forget to give yourself some breathing room so you will enjoy what you are doing. What coffee shop are you selling at?

  2. Beans and Cream in Cedarville. I am enjoying the process very much!