Sunday, July 15, 2012

Latest book's I have been reading

 I received this book through The Library Things early reviewer program.  Just finished it last night and really enjoyed it.  I read a very scathing review on Library Things reviews and realized why there are so many types of books and how we can see things so differently.  Here is my review.

This is a fun, quirky story about a son who goes home to bury his dead cat on his childhood farm and finds the care giver for his Dad who has dementia is missing. Shakespeare (the son) decides he has to stay and get the farm in order. Many serious life events begin to unfold.

Gregory actually addresses these life issues in a fresh and humorous way that leaves you thinking, maybe I take life to seriously. I have personally experienced Alzheimer’s disease in my family and our own foreclosure of our home. East of Denver left me chuckling, thinking, and remembering things I had forgotten about. I enjoyed the relationship between father and son. Instead of expecting life to be “normal” Shakespeare just takes it one day at a time, with humor.

I enjoyed the simplistic writing style and Gregory’s wit. He made me rethink some issues and his knowledge of life on the farm is true to life.

I enjoyed this book very much. He made me smile, taught me some new things and kept my interest all the way through. And the cover of the book really made me smile at the very end! I hope Mr. Hill writes more in the future.

I Have been wanting to read this book for years. I am not even sure how I came across it.  I finally decided to get it when I got my Nook.  I thought it would be a different kind of book but it was a historical narritive put together from letters and documents from many of the men who went on this adventure.  I found it draging at times but I did enjoy learning about life in the Amazon and about this time in President Roosevelts life. All in all I am glad I read it.  If you don't like 2nd hand information, kind of reading like a text book then you may want to pass.

 Again another book I have owned for awhile but didn't fit into my reading schedule till now.  I did enjoy this book even though I found it frustrating at times.  Here is my review for Library Thing.

Having attended an independent church I could relate to so much if what Sheri wrote in her book The Rapture of Canaan.  The crazy beliefs and lack of freedom brought back memories of how I felt when I began to attend the Pentecostal church.  Sheri’s writing style for this book was spot on and very believable.  I found it hard to put down when I had other things to do.  I just wanted to see what Ninah was going to do next.  So many times I wanted her to just run and run and run.  I enjoyed Nanna, and her independent thinking. I found it frustrating that she didn’t speak up and change some things but her love and devotion to her husband was inspiring. We don’t find many people who believe in dedicated love like this anymore.  As frustrating as this community seems to be,  it is how life really is in so many cultures. I feel Sheri did a wonderful job relating her thoughts in this area very well and kept me coming back for more.  For me, I would have ended the book differently but I did change my situation in my life story so that’s all that matters.
This was my book clubs choice for July. 
I was hoping for a much better story.  I found the reporting of the battle, life in the small town during this time to be very interesting. I find it hard to imagine living with war going on just outside my door even though I know it does and has for ever.  This review from another Library Thing reviewer about sums it up for me.
This is one of those works of historical fiction in which the historical part was really interesting, but the fiction was just so-so. Carrie McGavock,aka The Widow of the South and The Keeper of the Book of the Dead, is a fascinating historical figure. She realized her purpose in life after the nightmarish battle in franklin Tennessee during the Civil War. Her purpose? To care for and watch over the dead, numbering 9200! I was not particularly engaged by the fictional part of the story however. It felt as if the author was trying too hard t make each character amazing in some way, and the plot too mystical. For me it just didn't work.

My weekend project is just about finished. Can't wait to share photos!

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  1. "East of Denver" sounds like a really good book to put on the summer reading list, thank you! :-)