Sunday, July 22, 2012

My Weekend Project Finally Finished

 Remember the chair I settled for when I couldn't find a glider?
The old green chippy, rusted metal chair?
Well I found it's mate and now they are painted
a pretty retro green and yellow!
 I was driving to work when I saw this glider
on the driveway at a yard sale!
I stopped
 backed up
and purchased it on the spot. 
I knew it was just like the chair I had bought at the antique show. 
I even thought the greens matched.

My husband, once again
 was called upon, just like with the blue door, to go retrieve the glider.
Upon seeing it I got the rolling of the eyes
"where are you going to put this?"

Well, I let a few weeks pass and then one evening while skeptical husband was in a good mood, I mentioned the color I thought I'd like to paint the glider and chair.  He told me what colors his grandparent's glider was and I knew I had him. 
I chose those colors since I am reliving life at my grandparents and I wanted to do something to remind him of his paternal grandparent's home too.


I used an oil based primer to cover and seal the rusted spots
I consulted my paint friends at work and this is what I decided would be best for me.
 I used a paint brush instead of spray paint. 
It took longer but I do not do well with spray painting?
I get impatient and try to go faster and get runs.
 I am very pleased with the results!
Very vintage and retro.
And, my quilt from my broken swing matched great.
Here is the glider this morning after my mid-morning read and nap!


  1. This looks wonderful!! I adore the colors you picked - and what a lucky find.....

  2. I love this!!! You inspire me! I want to do great stuff like you someday!

  3. Wow...they are beautiful. I'm with you on spray index finger goes numb so I try to hurry and more paint gets on me than if I was using a brush. Congratulations on doing a job the right way! Enjoy the fruits of your labor. xoxo, Julia