Friday, May 27, 2011

My baby graduated!

Wednesday evening was my youngest daughters graduation!
I'd like to say it was bitter sweet, I cried, had a hard time but...
I'd be lying

We are so excited to put this chapter behind us.
We are very proud of all she has accomplished but lets be honest, High School is so full of drama.
We are looking forward to her fulfilling her dreams of becoming a chef, enjoying her years at Johnson and Whales.
Proud Parents!

Aunt and cousins

Aunt, Uncle and Grandparents

What a poser
No her Mother wasn't a photographer or anything.
This is one of her best friends. They graduated preschool together and I did the portraits so we have been planning on recreating this image for several years.
Love it!
Jen, Emma and Miranda. BFF's since 5 years old!

Jen giving Valedictorian speech
Emma giving her valedictorian speach too.
Miranda keeps good company!

They had a graduation to remember.
Only Xenia students would experience this around here.
Wed. evening the same strong super cell storms that came through OK came through during the ceremony. The tornado sirens began to sound and the students were evacuated to a safer area.
Considering our little towns experience with the deadliest tornado on record in 74 and then 3 more over the past 25 years this was a little ironic.
Here are the students filing out of the arena. Everyone remained calm and after a 1/2 hour delay the ceremony went on. We did not have the rough weather there at the arena but many families arrived home to serious hail damage to homes, cars and landscaping.
We are thankful though we did not have another tornado.

Our kids are resilient and strong. They will face their futures with courage that many other kids do not possess. I am proud of Miranda and all of her friends. I wish them all the success they deserve!


  1. My thoughts were at the graduation when the storm hit - I thought oh no not graduation night! I can understand how you feel, it was odd to have the last one graduate. Each one before I still had kiddlings at home then to have them all gone was odd. Esp since Chuck and I never had a life w/o children together and it has been an adjustment being empty nesters - I sometimes miss it but when they are all home and bring in young adult drama I'm happy to have my peace and quiet back when they go home! Enjoy the next chapter in your life - it is nice to be able to not be a "good example" and even eat junk for dinner..or jay walk... lol

  2. oh gosh I remember when all my girls finished school, what a day that was. Now your daughter will begin her life after school, I do hope she chooses those things that make her life filled with great love and potential. It is so exciting to see it all unfold before them.