Saturday, May 14, 2011

I Am A Bad Mom

My daughters senior prom was 2 weeks ago and I am just now getting around to doing something with the photos.
To busy with making stuff and work I keep neglecting my personal life
( like this blog :{ )

Anyway, This year was not as easy to find the dress as last year. We couldn't top that dress so we just looked to see what was in the budget. I loved this dress. I knew it would go great with her hair and it was different. She seemed pleased.

Then we went for the alterations. The dress was 3 sizes to large and I had confidence in the lady but when we left Miranda was in tears. With the added alteration cost the dress was now the same price as another dress she had liked but rejected. If you are a Mom this is one of those times you are so torn.
She needed to just let it go. It's just a prom and 1 night, for heavens sake!
On the other hand
It's her senior prom and it seems like a BIG deal.

Well they wouldn't give her, her money back because they held the dress for her so we went ahead with the alterations.

2 weeks later...

We try on the dress. Well she tried on the dress.

Success! She loved it once it fit!

So here are some photos of her, her date and friends.
Patrick, whom she went to her 1st high school dance with in 9th grade!
Mom and Dad

Her besties

Masquerade was the theme. She and Patrick didn't buy mask.
We had to do this! His dad had the Harley and it was just to cool.
Check out those shoes and the tat!
A fun evening was had by all
After all!

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  1. well she had nothing to regret about how beautiful she looked in her dress what a doll!!!!!!
    My twins both have tats on their feet too I always said you'll be sorry when you want to wear nice shoes, but they love them, well one loves them and on likes hers. But you know today so many people have tats i like them actually got one myself just before Christmas, yep 50 and inked ha ha!!