Sunday, September 19, 2010

I Hit The Mother Load!

Warning!!! Lots of images of vintage linens, jewelry and odds and ends for crafting.
Do not look if you are prone to jealousy,
hate vintage stuff,
can't stand to know that these items will be repurposed.
Otherwise ENJOY!
Aren't these quilts beautiful? I may keep the pink one intact in my living room for awhile.
Look at this edging! It gives me goose bumps!
I can not wait to start something with this great quilt.

This stash is going to be fun to work with.

I always drool over the booths with gobs of vintage lace.
Now I have my very own stash!
Found two vendors that I could wheel and deal with for most of all the lace and linens!


Jewelry to repurpose.
I have lots more too. I was just so tired and hungry I wanted to get these shots done before dark so I could share with you today. I missed a bag.


Can you just see the projects going around in my head? I think it's going to explode!

Now for a few items to fix up for Christmas.

Aren't these ornaments great! I may just sell them on my Etsy store.

Check out this group of very cool paper items!
Dracula! very Art Deco cover
See this ledger? It is from 1884!
A list of people who owed and paid him and different towns in Ohio listed.
The hand writing is very cool.
And this little treasure is an autograph book from 1881!
It is full of wonderful sayings. I will be scanning and using these in so many ways.
This has got to be one of my favorite purchases!
My heart is racing just typing this looking at the book.
You will see some of these individual pages in the future, Oh My, the gorgeous hand writing.
Well I hope this wasn't to much eye candy at one time but I had to share what I got with you right away.
Have a great week!
If the comment box is way at the bottom again, and you know how I can fix this let me know. It happens everytime I upload lots of images.


  1. You found some real treasures! We didn't go this yr had to many errands we needed to get done Glad you found some fun stuff!

  2. beautiful finds! I can't wait to see the beauty that comes from these things! I had a great time!

  3. LOVE AL OF IT! Following you back :)

  4. I love the vintage linens and I think it is great to see how people repurpose them. I do a little of that myself. What a fun stash of vintage items.