Sunday, September 12, 2010

Aren't These The Cutest Pumpkins?

I just Love these if I say so myself!
I was blog hopping last night an came up on this tutorial and had to give it a try.
Had some old sweaters in the basement waiting for me to loose weight. They have been waiting a lllooonnnggg time so I decided to give them a new life!
I also had 1 ball of twine so I made the 1st two then ran to the dollar store and all they had was butchers string but I think it looks cute too.
I have several more sweaters in fall colors so I will be working on those this week and adding to my /etsy store.

I have a craft show this Tuesday at one of our local colleges. I have been making things for the students for their dorms.

School colors are green and yellow. How about this banner and swag?

My Mom was a professional seamstress and had a lot of buttons. I really don't do anything with all of them so I decided to make hair clips the girls might like.

I have also been using up my scrapbook papers making small things the students can put on a bulletin board in their dorms or use as book marks.

A series of cards I'm adding to Esty of Savannah, GA and Tybe Island

And then another venture is fabric assemblage. I'm new at this so I'm just going with the flow here. The 1st one isn't done yet.

Used my images to iron on vintage cotton nightgown fabric I have and used other odds and ends I have laying around.

Repurpose, Reuse, Recycle
I Love it!

I never thought I'd say I liked the sewing machine but my daughters machine is easy to use and has lots of fun stitches. For now, I'll keep playing while the creative juices are flowing!


  1. WOW You have been busy!!! Love the pumpkins! Have you thought abt putting some of the buttons in a bag and selling them? I know I'm always looking for vintage buttons. Now the trips are over with and my one dtr has moved back home I'm looking forward to getting back to being creative..I might dig out some of "those" sweaters and make

  2. Thanks for the tip on the yellow, it showed orange on my screen and easy to read. I've fixed it now, though. I just love your banner and your pumpkins! So cool. Thanks for the link, that would be lots of fun to make. You've really been on the ball. I'll peruse more later, gotta go eat while it's hot!

  3. Oh, and I didn't realize that I forgot the link, but added it too. I'm not doing so well with typing today, but wanted to get that live before Halloween was over! LOL!

  4. I am sooooo trying these pumpkins!!!!!

    thanks for stopping over ...
    you and your daughter should come to my shed sale!