Thursday, August 19, 2010

Art show in my favorite town, Yellow Springs, Ohio

Knit Knot Tree, down town Yellow Springs. This last Saturday was Art in the Park in Yellow Springs, Ohio. I wanted to have a space this year but I missed the registration deadline. So I decided I would go and see what I could find to share with all of you. So I will warn you, there are a lot of images. Hopefully you will enjoy them!
I only allowed myself to make one purchase. I had decided I would like to look for another, large mug for my iced mocha's. There were several very nice pottery mugs that were larger than the normal mug but this one stole my heart.

I just loved the retro look, and the fact it was a rougher outside and glazed inside. aren't the circles cute?

My 1st stop was here at 4 cat studio. I just loved her mixed media items. I wish I could have the vision these mixed media artist have.

Look at the photo top left. I Loved it! You can fine Simone at

My next stop was here at Janelle's shop. I loved these cup cozies made of upcycled ties!

This was what my daughter decided to purchase today. The brown one is now hers! You can look for new items soon in her Etsy shop at

I had to photograph her bag to rub my vegetarian friends the wrong way. LOL

LOVE, LOVE,LOVE This shop. These are two very talented ladies! I wish I could join them in their shop in Columbus. Actually Powell, Ohio.

I LOVE how they displayed all their items! So much eye candy!

The bags are great but look at what they did with that bike! My old rusted bike in the garden may have to get a redo to fit with my chandelier and table under the tree.

Too cute! See the pattern flowers? The fabric banners? the fabric birds are so adorable!

You can check out Karla at These very talented ladies will be opening their new location soon at Bloomsbury Loft in Downtown Powell Ohio.

OK, so I have a thing for ties! Isn't this cute?

I also love these colors!

We have a lot of barns with quilt squares on them. I liked this piece very much.

One more. Pam has a very wide range of styles that makes her very versatile. She can be found at I like the added 3d items on this small wall hanging.

This tea pot set really caught my eye! My image just doesn't do it justice.

I really liked her color pallet. I was very tempted to purchase one of her mugs.

I really liked this one. But alas, the retro won out. I was in a mood that day and I already have 2 in this style. If I could have made more than 1 purchase this weekend I would have had both!

You can find Carole at

I really want to help other artist to succeed. I enjoyed talking to all of these great artist and wish them well. If I had all the money I needed right now I would have made a purchase at all these shops. Please stop by and visit them.


  1. Sherri Thanks for sharing this - we got back in town to late to go and I wondered what kinds of artistry was there now I know not to miss it next time it is being held! BTW I love the cup!

  2. Thanks Jo. There were many more booth spaces this year. I am sorry it was so hot. Kept some people away I'm sure.

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  4. Nice blog! Love your pictures - thanks for including my pottery.

  5. Wonderful posting...thanks for including my quilts.

  6. G'day Sherri ~ What lovely creations by so many talented artists. I see a few things I'd love to have ... the vintage photos are fabulous.

    Have a beautiful summer's day ~
    TTFN ~Hugs, Marydon