Thursday, December 1, 2011

Valium for a cat, seriously?

he Let me start out by saying this is the best, most awesome loving cat I have ever known.

That is saying a lot since my husband and myself are not really cat people. We have had 4 cats, they all found us one way or another and they were all very good cats but Arah is a very gentle loving cat.

Lately he has developed a problem and he is now a cat on drugs.

Not just your typical animal medication

He is on Valium

He may have emotional problems from all our moving and changes in routine.

He may have seen his brother Toby killed while they were missing for 2 nights and was traumatized. He doesn't like to go outdoors anymore.

What ever happened he is different.

He developed a common urinary condition which can be caused by stress. We have changed his food and put him on anti-inflammatory and pain meds 8 weeks ago. I have been very patient since he is such a wonderful cat and my girls love him so much.


he can not stop having random accidents every couple of days.I am really tired of crawling around the floor sniffing out the exact spot or waiting till dark to walk around with the black light looking for the spot. I am going through tons of Natures Miracle.

BTW, this stuff is awesome!

Just when I think we have turned the corner he has another accident.

I went to the vet for one last ditch effort to find something to help and that is when he suggested Valium.

Ok, lets just have a stoned out cat.

I'm now worried he won't be able to find his litter box.

He has started eating like there is no tomorrow. I thought pot only caused that.

It's been 3 days and we are waiting. So far so good.

I don't want to put him down but if I have to watch him squat in his litter box for 15 min. peeing or just trying because he feels like he has to go and seeing his mopey face. I can not let him live like that. I have had multiple urinary tract infections and just wanted someone to shoot me.

I believe in quality of life and if this drug doesn't work then his day to day life will be pretty unhappy. Until then we have a cat on some pretty addictive drugs and he should be pretty happy.


  1. No pressure to pass the award. You still earned it. :) Johnnie

  2. Having animals is such a joy and so sad all at the same time. I pray your sweet Arah will get through this time. I also pray for you to know when to do what. Huggs!

  3. Poor kitty Hope he is doing better