Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Update and 5 things

I have an up date on my kitty.

He seems to have turned the corner and is acting normal once again! Thank you for those who were praying for him.

I guess I'll let him live another day.

I am passing along a little something I found on my blogger friend Julia's blog

She is a hoot and because of my lack of time these days I thought I'd pass this along. I hope some of you will participate too.

5 Things

You may not know that I:

1. NEED music. (My family has instructions, if I am ever in a coma to put my Ipod on shuffle and leave it on my head. Just in case I can hear.)

2. love to make people laugh.

3. would rather live in the mountains and have snow than in a warm climate with a beach.

4. crowds make me nervous. I really don't like holiday shopping.

5. I really like being alone.

I'm really pretty knowledgeable about...

1. Dogs

2. Art, Photography, color

3. Spiritual matters and the Bible

4. Reading people

5. Decorating

I know nothing about...

1. Math or science

2. How to read or play music

3. Apps for phones I'm still slower than a snail texting!

4. The current entertainment world

5. Working in the real world I'm learning LOL

And, I believe...

1.God is in charge!

2. in the good in all humans and everyone needs love

3. in living in the moment-it's all we are guaranteed.

4. controlling others is not your job and is extremely harmful

5. letting people express themselves. We are all different and we should be able to be who God made us to be.

Your turn!

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  1. Hello and thank you so much your comment. It is good to know that there are other people out there who understand.

    Wishing you a beautiful day,