Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Some New Items I'm Working On

Living in the country with limited bandwidth is really cramping my style here on my blog!
I have to go into town and work on my blog somewhere I can find wifi.
So I apologize for the long brakes in between post.

I have lots going on right now also.his weekend. One is a long established sale in a cute town here in Ohio. It is the Yellow Springs street fair. I'm testing the water with this one to see if the people who go to this show like the things I create.
The 2nd show is in a well known town with over 50 antique stores. Waynesville, Ohio. This is a newer venue and I have committed to the 2nd Sat. through out the summer.

Sunday will be my daughters graduation party. Shes doing the cooking I'm doing the decorating!
I have lots of preparations to do and to day I will be going for a job interview! Actually in just 20 minutes!
I really need this job so I hope i make a good impression.

I'll leave you with some photos of the things that have been also keeping me from blogging.

I'll be here more often after the shows and party. Have a great weekend!
I have these items at 2 different craft shows t


  1. What great merchandise!...YS is perfect for your items. I hope the weather is a little cooler for you...and I've got positive thoughts going your way on your job interview...try to have fun at the grad party - it really hit me after Devons

  2. WOW!! You have been doing some beautiful creating lately. Best of luck on your sale. I love it.

  3. GRRRRRR!!! Google ate my comment again. What's with that??? I have been trying to comment here for a while now. What I was saying is that your merchandise is wonderful. Best of luck with the sale.

  4. G'morn Sherri ~
    Send me your email @ & I'll share with you about hubby.

    Sooooooooo LOVE your creations, they are fab!

    So appreciate your thoughts & prayers, my friend.


  5. those are beautiful! I love your crafts!

  6. First of all, all of these are simply lovely. I really like the colors and styles of all of these.

    And on your book post -- I know what you mean. When I get more than one, maybe two totally different books, going at once, I go a little crazy! If you're looking for reviews, on my second blog, Chopsticks and Strings, I have reviews of some I've read lately.

    Finally, thanks for visiting my main blog, The Marmelade Gypsy! All the best,