Monday, March 15, 2010

Charleston, South Carolina

I am so missing my favorite city!
Especially with spring coming
The smell of Jasmin the air

I love the architecture in the old neighborhoods
The detailed iron work
The colors of the homes

Hope you enjoyed a more close up view of a famous city


  1. It is a very pretty city. I got married there in 1971. I bet it has changed alot since then

  2. Let's go! I'll swing by and pick you up! :-)

  3. Great imagery!
    I would so very much like to visit Charleston.

  4. Courteous, I miss you! Hope you are ok. Come get me ;)

  5. Yes, I did enjoy this little tour - I want to see more pics! It's always interesting to see what other parts of the world look like. Thank you for this glimpse into Charleston, South Carolina.

  6. Susanna,
    Check back soon. I'll add more this week.

  7. what a beautiful city thanks for the anniversary wishes and to you too late but heartfelt anyway.

  8. G'eve ~ I love LOVE Charleston! It is one of the few cities that continually draws us back there. The history, the charm, the beauty ... there is no end to the fascination of this fabulous city.

    Happy spring!
    Have a beautiful week.
    TTFN~ Hugs, Marydon