Thursday, March 4, 2010

Beginning to thaw

For the first time in over 1 month I was able to walk the whole perimeter of the lower half of the golf course. The snow has melted enough to see grass in some areas making it possible to walk without difficulty. As I walked just before sunset it was so beautiful to see the trees silhouetted against the colorful sky. I love winter and all the snow has been beautiful but just seeing the grass peak out and the beautiful sunset did make me long for the coming buds on the trees and early spring flowers to poke their heads out. I'm not letting winter go yet. It is only early March in Ohio so anything is possible!
Today was a better day and a good walk with God in nature always help!


  1. I suspect our weather is very close indeed. (I'm in Michigan!) That pine cone shot is especially lovely!

  2. What a serene setting and the air must have been so fresh and crisp during your walk. We've been enjoying Spring weather here in New Jersey these past few days - ahhh! It feels like such a gift after so much rain and grey skies. Hope you see some crocuses soon!