Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Things That Go Bump In The Night

On my walk today, Cooper decided to go into the woods. Since all the foliage is gone, I can see to follow the deer paths through the inner part of the woods and follow him. I get to see areas I normally can't see in the summer.

The weather has been a bit gloomy lately and today was drizzly and dark.

The twisted grapevines and gnarly bushes made for an eerie site.

I was beginning to feel how eerie the woods seemed when a hawk cried out as it flew out of a tree above me. Warning the animals of my arrival.


as he continued to circle I wondered if he was warning me of something

lurking in there.

As I wound myself around the path to get out into the meadow

I heard a strange sound.

not quite an animal sound

not quite human either.

Then I heard it again




still not sure what it was.





the bare trees were swaying against the dark foreboding clouds

and they were moaning with the wind.

There really wasn't anything scary there. It was all in my imagination. It was just nature making winter sounds. I am thankful for my imagination, it made my normal walk a little bit more interesting today.


  1. Such gorgeous, gorgeous images. More, please. More!

  2. I really love your photography, nice work! Kerrie

  3. The mood that your wonderful images helped to create with your words was absolutely fantastic!