Friday, January 8, 2010


Yesterday afternoon it started to snow.

My daughter and her girl friends did a no-pants snow dance the night before

(Don't ask, I didn't.) But it worked!

We got over 4 inches and it was soft and powdery. Everything looks so magical.

It was to cold and windy to walk during the storm but this morning I couldn't wait to get out with Cooper and take some photos.

It was still lightly snowing and it was so peaceful. As Cooper ran and sniffed out all the small animals I looked around to see what I could photograph to share with you.

I was a bit nervous to get so close to this groundhogs hole but alas, no one was home. Or at least not ready to come out while I was there.
I spied this cozy nest up in the tree. I don't suppose the previous occupants are actually still here but it did look nice and warm all covered up like that.

And then I came upon this exit from one of the large trees on the golf course. Nature was nice to leave the opening clear so the squirrels could get out later if they felt so inclined.

I took a few more photos of interesting things I hope you will enjoy.

These little snow covered weeds reminded me of Marie Antoinette's hairdo. What do you think?

While my oldest daughter was here for the holidays we made some ice wreaths I saw at She has such great ideas! I made matching candles to put on my front porch bristo table.

These were so much fun to make! We never have tempretures low enough for these last but I think they will last for several more weeks this year!

Who says winter is dull and ugly? Just take a walk and look around, there is beauty and wonder all around.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Such pretty snow.
    Thank you for stopping by.

  2. Love the candleholders and wreaths! I attempted this, but without much success. You are just one of those crafty types, and I'm not. :-(

    Oh, and thanks for stopping by to check on me. For various reasons, I've pretty much lost my blogging mojo. Hopefully, it will come back soon. :-)