Friday, September 4, 2009

End of Summer

Sunrise on the beach
As this "Last Weekend of Summer" begins I wanted to share some parting images of summer with you.

I started this blog entry early this afternoon as I sat bored stiff in our frame shop waiting for someone to come in. I was motivated and ready with what I was going to post. But then someone did come in. My wonderful husband came in after that and wanted to talk.

Imagine that!

So, 3 hours had passed and then it was time for our little town's 1st Friday evening festivities to start. I needed to check on my new vendors and do a once around to see how everything was going and then eat. By the time I got back to the shop I had a headache. My wonderful husband was still in the mood to talk, so after a bit I told him I was going to give the chair massage lady some business. After 10 minutes with her, I went to the shoe store and had a FREE 20 min. reflexology session! I was feeling much better and the evening was over so I knew I would be able to go home and finish my blog!


A few minor things had to be taken care of first .
Finally off to my bedroom, soft music, relax, breath, open laptop, log in, start to type and....
My kitty who has been home alone all day wants me to pet him. I can not type and pet a cat at the same time!
Am I ever going to get this blog entry done????? Breathe

As this last "Weekend of Summer" begins I wanted to share some parting images of summer with you. I know we will have several more warm weeks and beautiful summer days left but soon the colors will begin to change and the temperatures will get cooler and that excitement of Fall will fill us and beachy photos won't be as fun to look at so I will share some with you through out the weekend so you can revisit the long days of Summer one last time before the Fall season is upon us! I won't necessarily have much to say, just pretty images for you to enjoy! If you do enjoy them please leave me a note so I will know someone is enjoying my photography. Thanks and have a great holiday weekend!


  1. G'eve Sherri ~ Oh, TYSM for sharing these beautiful peaceful pics. Nothing more enjoyable than a quiet moment of the water lapping as the sun rises & sets ...

    TY for popping over. Have a lovely weekend holiday. TTFN ~ Marydon

  2. Those are absolutely gorgeous images. Thanks for sharing. And P.S. talkative husbands and needy cats always come before blogging. You did the right thing!

  3. You take THE BEST photos. I come from a family of really great amateur photographers. While inherited the LOVE of photography, the EYE and TALENT gene did not take.

    Oh, thanks for asking about me. I'm officially done with crutches as of yesterday! I do have a couple of new posts to work on, so look for those soon.