Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My New Bad Word

pos·si·bil·i·ty noun \ˌpä-sə-ˈbi-lə-tē\

plural pos·si·bil·i·ties

Definition of POSSIBILITY

1: the condition or fact of being possible

2archaic : one's utmost power, capacity, or ability

3: something that is possible

4: potential or prospective value —usually used in plural

Doesn’t seem like a bad word

Actually sounds quite positive doesn’t it?

Well it s not when your mind takes it and runs with it.


When I am being creative it is very helpful it’s actually necessary.

It is necessary for a person to keep a forward, positive attitude


When you are seeking to be





It is the enemy

I have had 3 months to relax. To do what ever I want. For the first time in my adult life and I have not enjoyed any of it.


Because my mind will not stop thinking of possibilities!

I know I am not in the house I will eventually be in, it is just a holding place until we get back on our feet.


When I’m driving I subconsciously keep scanning for POSSIBLE places we might end up.

When I am out and about I keep thinking “Is this a place I could work?”

When I would like to just be relaxing enjoying some me time I am thinking “What should I make next. What should I read next.”

When I’m out at a store, everything in the store is a possibility! This is very dangerous.

I can not turn the possibilities button off.

It keeps a person unsettled

It keeps you from being content

I more than likely have one more month of unemployment left. I am really going to try real hard to stop my mind from thinking of possibilities unless it is associated with making things for my Etsy shop. Otherwise I am living in the now. Staying present in the moment I am in.

Being a creative person can be fun but it is also a difficult way to live when your mind is always thinking of everything around you and what you see and how beautiful it is and what you can do with everything you see. Wow, I’m tired. Maybe I’ll just take a nap and give my mind a rest!
Some of you wil just see a gate. 
But, some of you will see the possibilities just beyond this gate!


  1. As I look toward retirement I wonder what will happen when I'm not working? As a creative, I'm sure I will see possibilities, too! Living in the moment -- that's the best!

  2. I think anyone who is a creative person falls into the possibilities trap...while it can be frustrating think how dull life would be if you only looked at everything just the way they are with no potential

  3. I love this post. I love the way you think differently and turn things on their ear. I love it!