Thursday, January 24, 2013

New Book Review and Giveaway!

Above All ThingsI just finished the latest book I received from The Library Things early book review.  I am pleased to say I really enjoyed this book.
The book is a fictionalized account of the story of George Mallory's last attempt to climb Mt. Everest in the 1920's and the affects on his marriage to Ruth. 
It is a story of a man torn between his obsession to achieve and his love for his wife. 
This is a debut novel for Tandis Rideout and I think she did an outstanding job. 
I am including my review for The Library Thing below.

I have not had a lot of success in the past when I have one of my book give aways so I hope more people will respond.  I enjoy sharing books with other readers!
So, I'm making this easy. 

Just make a comment here, any comment and I will enter you in a drawing for this book.

I will hold it on Feb.14th!
An inspiring love story of a courageous couple for Valentines Day!

Help me reach a goal of 10 comments!
I'll be watching!


Tanis Rideout did an outstanding job for her debut novel! I was not familiar with the story of George Mallory so part of the way into the book I was clueless as to the ending. I did some research and was not disappointed to know the ending. Tandis's descriptions put the reader right there on the mountain experiencing the pain and difficulty with the climbers as well as experiencing the true conflicted feeling of a wife who respects her husband’s obsession but also wants him to choose her first. I was surprised to read on reviewer who did not find the descriptions realistic, at one point I was trying to breathe for them! As far as publishing goes, I much prefer the cover with the climbers and the woman’s torso on the cover over the couple on the beach. I wouldn't look at that one on a shelf. Also I was impressed with the feel of the cover and the deckled edges on the pages for my uncorrected proof copy. I hope this is how it comes out in the stores. Over all I loved this book and story.


  1. Well, it looks like a good read to me. But I almost feel guilty for leaving a comment here, because I already won one of your books.

  2. I really can relate to your thoughts about possibilties. I am a nature photographer and scan the trees constantly for eagles and hawks - I even find myself doing this in parking lots - you never know what will pop up. We have certain areas that we travel to - to see snow geese and Trumpeter Swans overwintering in the Pacific Northwest. We've gone so many times that I know where each hawk will appear in the general area of their territory along the route.

    Every day I see the possibilities of just one more photo - one more bird - one more scene - one more cloud. I like the way you see possibilities in everthing you do - it is encouraging that people are thinking that way. I'm going to go and look at more of your blog now. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. I missed the give away, but boy does this sound good!