Monday, April 16, 2012

New Vintage Quilts

 At one of my handmade art shows I met a lovely woman who appreciated all the items I made from rescued vintage quilts.  She told me she had 100's and wanted to know if I would be interested in purchasing any?

Are you kidding?

Since I have finally gotten a full time job and our cash flow is a bit better, I gave her a call and she agreed to bring me several to see if any of them would work.

These are the ones I thought I could re-purpose the best.
The top one is made of men's suit material. Very interesting. I can see a nice bag made of this.
 This poor thing did not withstand the wear it got but there are nice parts left. I usually don't go for heavy, dark quilts but this one just seemed to have nice potential.
 I really liked this small quilt made of more men's shirts and darker cottons.

 This bow tie quilt was a sure thing.
 I love the look of the fabric after the stitching and fabric draw up when washed.  So cozy!  I know the edge is worn but look at how it was sewn and the hand stitches are so awesome.  You couldn't get me to take the time to hand stitch something this big and I don't want to be a snob but there is just something about a true handmade quilt as opposed to a machine quilt.  I guess that is what draws me to these wonderful heirlooms.
Someone took a lot of hours lovingly making these quilts and I just want to honor them by giving these works of art new life.

My favorite color.
This one needs TLC. Someone used it to cover something rusty.  Lots of dirt but I am hoping a soaking and the sunshine tomorrow will help them fade away.
 Feed sack fabric!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Can you see the coarseness of the fabric.  These are my favorites I think.
I would love to see the general store with all the feed stacked up in these fabrics.
For some reason I just can't imagine the men loading up the wagon with pretty bags of fabric to take to the barn. 
Who ever said women didn't have influence?
They might not have been able to vote or held high power jobs but what a woman wanted she got!
Today I'm wishing I could go back in time and have quilting, crochet etc as part of my daily (duty).
I would like to keep my modern plumbing and internet though :)

I am joining Nick of Time's Vintage-style treasures linky party.
Come join the fun!

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  1. Truly pieces of art. I too enjoy a hand pierced piece over a machine quilted one.