Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Old, Chippy, Neglected...I'm in love

Isn't this door wonderful?

I drive by this old abandoned house almost every day and I want to save this beautiful old blue door. The details are so nice. The blue is perfect. I found the owners name but haven't had the nerve to call.

There are signs posted

Keep Out

but, I have been married to my husband to long.

I ignored them and took a peek inside.

I feel sorry for this old house.

Am I the only person that would feel sorry for a building?

I just wonder who has lived there, why doesn't anyone still live there.

It is small but apartments are small.

It is to far gone now.

I'd just like to have the door.

Maybe I'll call this weekend.

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  1. No you aren't! There is an old house on Lower Bellbrook. It is on a curve so we have to slow down when we drive by it, it makes me so sad I want to cry.I think abt the day a family moved in to their new home and the woman of the house was in love with her new home and how depressed she would be to see it now. One of my neighbors owns it and so many times I want to shout at them, but the house is to far gone for repair. I think oh the stories those walls could tell.

    1. I know the house your talking about.

      I just moved here from Texas and did stop and take a look. It's very far gone but I'd love to find out who owns it and give it my best shot to revive the beauty. If anyone knows let me know so I can reach out to them.

      Mike 7134093758

  2. I know the house you are talking about. It makes me sad too! Wonder what treasures are inside that could be repurposed?

    1. I would love to climb threw the weeds and check it out I always mourn a little as we drive by

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  5. Give me the number and I will call them for you ~ it is a lovely door and should be cared for as I know you would. The photos are wonderful! I like to imaging past lives of places and things, I think that is why I adore flea mkts. and antique stores. Good luck with the door ~ I hope you get it! Blessings, Katie

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  8. No, you aren't the only one who feels sorry for neglected things. You know, I think you should call the owner. They will probably be flattered, may let you explore and take lots of photos, and at the most all they can say is no.