Saturday, October 2, 2010

Homecoming Dance tonight

The Tickets
The Shoes

The Lips

The Hair

The Dress

The Date

My youngest daughters last Homecoming.


  1. She was stunning.I love the shoes! I remember my youngest homecoming her Sr yr- seemed so odd to think it was the last one- even harder at prom.

  2. so is her tattoo real, both my daughters have foot tats and I am getting one later in the year before i turn 50 in January how crazy must be a midl life crisis or something. She is absolutely gorgeous

  3. Yes it is real! We got matching tats a bit over a year ago. I actually now have 3. My first was with my oldest daughter. We got matching ones behind our ears. They have been a bad influence on me ;). I am just now learning to live my true life as the artist I have always been but didn't nurture.

  4. Lovely sequence of photos. I'm recalling similar homecoming pictures taken years ago. They're all grown and gone now, but I still remember.

  5. No matter whose pictures of Homecoming, the girls alwasy look so much more mature and older than the boys. I guess boys don't really turn in to their "man" look until much later.

    Your daughter is a beautiful young woman. Very classic look.

    xoxo, Julia

  6. Such a lovely beautiful young lady! I hope they had a wonderful magical night!

  7. Oh, vous formez un trés beau couple, trés élégant ! Et les chaussures, wouah, les chaussures rouges, j'adoOore, je veux les mêmes ! Belle soirée à vous...

  8. Oh god they look beautiful! Congratulations on the lovely daughters you have! I have been living in Argentina for ral months now and I´ve found that they don´t have homecoming dances that are so spectacular. I stayed in all kinds of apartments in Buenos Aires, meaning in rich and poor neighbourhoods and none of the neighbours had children who celebrated a homecoming dance.
    Anyways, they do have the seniors´ trip that consists on travelling to the south of the country with the whole class!