Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers Day!

My Dad has been gone for many years now so this is not a day that has a lot of meaning for me. It's more about my girls and their Dad. My oldest daughter, who is away at college posted this for her Dad. I thought it was wonderful so I'm posting the link so you can see it too! She nailed her Dad and as he was reading it this afternoon, he go choked up! Hope you like it. This is way better than Hallmark! Just saying :)


  1. ...and you thought she wasn't watching or listening...What a great tribute...

  2. What a lovely post -- as was your blackberries post below -- I love 'em! My dad has been gone a long while, too, so for me, it's with Rick and his boys! And he is the Gyp's "people-dad!"

    On The Marmelade Gypsy you wrote: Thanks for such an informative post. My cat has been throwing up his undigested food. Off and on for the past year. What did she say was the cause of this? He does not have fur balls. This is definately food. I'd like to make changes to make him happier.

    For Gypsy, she noted his intestine was a bit smaller and said that may be making an impact. The food she recommended to me was Wellness, Natural Balance and/or Innova/Evo and she recommended Natural Balance dry. This is because others have lots of corn and byproducts, which are bad for the digestion -- cats don't digest corn well, and it's in lots of stuff. If you look at the label, you will see all the meat/poultry, etc. is at the top. Gypsy gets 1/5 can morning and evening of the wet (she likes wet, because of digestion) and his Natural Balance kibble ongoing. He's loving the wet, still learning to bond with the dry. When he's hungry enough, he bonds. She also recommended oil-packed sardines/mackerel and salmon and so far so good with the sardines. The food is a little more expensive than my other, but so far, he hasn't hurled in three weeks, which may be a recent record! Hope this helps!