Sunday, May 2, 2010

Dreaming and Waiting on God

I am sitting at a golf course in Defiance, Ohio enjoying the wonders of technology. I watched day 1 of the golf match yesterday of my daughters boyfriend. I had a good day but today for the 2nd round I decided I'd sit this one out and read at the club house. Then I found out they had free wireless! So, I get to sit outdoors, enjoying a beautiful view and a wonderful breeze. Catch up on my blog and check in on friends then read my current book. Can't ask for a better Sunday.

I was catching up on a fellow blogger
and was reminded how wonderful God is.

So often we are lead to believe he isn't interested in what we would enjoy, or, we think He doesn't care if we are happy. "He is the mean parent keeping us on the straight and narrow!"
Well Jen reminded me that He does care, and for those of us who are artistic, He understands our need for beauty in our lives. (He made us this way!) Sometimes we need to look closely for it in tough circumstances but He gives it to us. Actually it is all around us. We just need to open the eyes of our spirit and see what He sees!

I have had a very difficult year and have been pushed to the brink several times but I just keep hanging on to the fact that God wants the best for me. It may not be what I think of as best but as I look through His eyes I see things a bit differently. All the things I thought I needed or were important have fallen away and now I live simply and much more at peace since I just live each day in quiet expectation of what he will show me today.

At this time our home is in foreclosure and I wonder where we will end up living? My photography studio is in our home so this loss will also affect where I will work as well as live. Early on I got scared that we would live on the streets. But God has been so faithful and has provided that I am now convinced that He will give us a place to live and a place for me to work in the vocation that He called me to.
Jen, reminded me that His timing is perfect and Good things come to those who wait. If we do loose our home, I would love to have a smaller cozier house. I will live where ever He has for us but a cute little place with a woods and nature would be a dream! Most of the time I feel I don't deserve what I dream. Old negative voices say it won't happen and God doesn't care but I know better.
I live near a wonderful, artistic community that has some of the cutest homes and I would LOVE to live there, BUT, it is a very expensive town. It probably isn't possible with our situation and will never happen. (Negative voices) but you just never know where God wants you, so I am posting a few of the places I dream of living and we will just WAIT on God and see where He takes us!


  1. Dear Heart,
    I pray you will find a sweet home if your home forecloses. Please send me your address as I would love to send you a "little pick me up" in the mail. Your post so inspired me today. We are never alone and we are surrounded by beauty and blessings. Joy to you this week!
    (send addy to:

  2. I adore the homes on your dream list - I've always loved that style of home....always, always!... I want one to, we can only keep dreaming

  3. Oh, I want to live in the house with the purple door. I surely do.

  4. I stumbled upon your blog, don't really know how maybe it was fate. Your blog title caught my eye and so I decided to read on. I'm glad I did. What you said, "So often we are lead to believe he isn't interested in what we would enjoy, or, we think He doesn't care if we are happy." This is how I've been feeling for the past several months. Your home, your studio, your future and your present is in His hands. He will guide you and shape you even if the outcome is not what we expect. That doesn't mean the results will be unfavorable perhaps marvelously better. Regardless, I'm slowly coming to terms that trials are required. Trials make us appreciate what we have and also set us on a stronger journey. Who says you cannot live in the town of your dreams? The world may say No you can't but He says YES you will. Maybe the foreclosure is what's required to put you in that place. Sorry for rambling :) I absolutely adore the photos.

  5. Thanks for the reminder ;) Your faith is amazing.

    I very much hope that things work out for you and your family and that you end up in your dream home. x

  6. I wanted to thank you for your encouaging words you wrote on my blog it means alot I would have written privately but I didn't have your email your on a no-reply. So thought I'd do it this way. I'll be keeping you in my prayers as well.

  7. Oh, I do love these old cottages. Number three is my favorite. I just wanted to encourage you. I think God cares about it all. Our dream home, our prom dress, anything we care about. His eye is on the sparrow and so much more on us. Keep praying with boldness. God is good.