Sunday, July 19, 2009

Girls Night out in Paris!

Wow what a wonderful Girls Night Out in Paris! Thanks to Dee at Runako Designs. I loved the Spa the best! Thought I'd share some of the great food in Paris.

Sweets, Yum!!!

Thought I'd bring you a bit of culture. It can't be all about the food!

Now go visit Dee's blog and leave a comment and enter to win some of her beautiful jewelry. Ya gotta do it today for this prise go around but Keep visiting her blog for the next "Girls Night Out"!


  1. WOW..yum yum is right on the desserts, I don't know that I would have been able to contain myself, those pastries looked scrumptious!!!

  2. Miss E.L. I am commenting back to you on here because I do not have your email. The answer to your sewing question is glue will hold the dress together, if it doesn't melt the fabric first. ha.

    Your story makes me think of the time I tried to sew my daughter a skirt. How hard could that be? Well....about 70 dollars later, it went in the trashcan. I had to call it quits. And never, never will I try to sew clothing again.

    I taught myself to sew....and when I can't figure out how to do something, I pull out the gun. Glue gun, that is. As long as someone's not getting hurt, I figure it's okay.

    You need to blog that story...

    And am I dreaming or were you really in Paris? Because if you were in Paris, what the heck were you doing reading my blog? haha.

    Your friend, Julia