Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Is there any body out there still?

Are there really people out there looking at my blog?
My stats say so.
I find this hard to believe after I abandoned it months ago.
I lost heart because it seemed there wasn't but a few people reading my blog and I just didn't feel I had anything interesting to say so I just let my blog slide.
I still review books for Good Reads and Library Thing and enjoy passing along good book recommendations and sometimes have time for photo taking so if anyone out there wants me to keep up my blog I will give it a go again.  The only way I will know is if you leave me a quick comment like "Keep going" or something like that.  If you have been a follower and have been checking in I'm sorry I fell off the earth and thank you so much for your faithfulness.


  1. I'm still here - I am a fairly new follower so haven't been around to comment for very long. I rarely read book reviews, but really enjoy other items on blogs. I know it is discouraging to not get comments - I try and comment on each blog I read - even if just a few words, though I find that certain people make comments of "beautiful", "wonderful", etc - constantly and I feel they are not really reading my blog but just want to make sure they are seen and hopefully then I will read their blog.

    I love photos in blogs - and lots of dialog - so keep going - let's see what is happening with you now.

    I use to follow blogs - whenever a new post shows up it gets listed and I can click to read it. Don't be discouraged - if visitors are coming to you blog, at least you are getting seen.

  2. Hey, you. I have been away from real blogging for months and months. I have missed visiting my friends. I have missed connecting. I know just what you mean. I am glad to see that you are willing to keep at it. Me, too. Long live the blog!