Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I am headed to the 127 longest yard sale tomorrow!

Tomorrow Morning I am headed South from Dayton, Ohio with my sister to experience the longest yard sale. I have never done it before and I am very excited to see what it will be like. I see us stopping every few minutes and not even making it 100 miles LOL! We plan on coming home sometime Friday night. I am on a strict budget and have a list of what I want so hopefully this will keep me from unnecessary purchases. We are also driving a smallish car so we won't have room for a lot.
These are some items I purchased at a large neighborhood sale. My favorite is the feed sack quilt. I will be making pillows for my glider out of it soon. I tried to add the link for the 127 sale but am not having any luck so you can Google

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  1. I was gonna say have fun...but I know you will Can't wait to see your new treasures!